Thursday, 30 May 2013

What Is Sitemap Creation And Submission?

Sitemap creation and submission is another faithful program which allow bloggers to create their targeted map of their blog and then submitting it to Google for indexing to get good result which you have always aimed of.Site map creation and submission is important step of webmaster tool which has great power to attract thousands bloggers attention and trend.

                                   Site map creation is basically to tell about the existing of your website and all the pages which are associated with your homepage which can make a big difference by driving mass people to blog without no cost and work.Site map was first used as the purpose of bringing traffic,but as time passed it also proved to bring the right traffic which reader want to read.When a reader will do a Google search,in output reader will see 10 relevant website.Though your web can also appear their if you keep working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How To Create A Site map?

Creating Site Map is not difficult,there is no need to do Google Search for finding the right site map xml.You can simply go to Webmaster tool and from there find the site map creation are and type "sitemap.xml" right after your blog or website domain which will be send to get approved.It can take 5 to 10 minutes to get approved.

Where To Do Submission In Webmaster Tool?

Submission can be proceed after the very next second you get approved by site map creation.Submit your website and wait for some hours and find comfort results.See how many linked pages submitted and how many of them are rejected?
Try finding solutions by checking the crawl error in webmaster tool.

Best Practice:

Submitting your website after fully preparing and managing is better.Submitting your newbie blog or website (which was created few days or weeks ago) is idiotic move.Be patient,try posting creative content and wait for the perfect time.Submit after posting your 100 + article.

You Must Be Wondering?

You must be wondering that why we need to submit sitemap even we have done this earlier by adding our URL?
The answer is that some corrupt and neglected URL's which are thrown away by spider crawling.Sitemap creating and submission helps to submit those links which were neglected by spider crawling.


Sitemap creation and submission is only helpful if and if you blog has the following characteristics and uniqueness:

1-Your site has authentic and well-written content without any self improving techniques and revenue purposes.
2-Your website homepage have linked pages which were failed during crawling process and were not indexed in Search Engines.
3-Your Site is very new and has new links to it which is not discover-able using spider or robot crawling.
4-Your website is so large so that it cannot be fully crawled by robot or spider during crawling and indexing process.

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