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8 Most Leading SEO Errors

(SEO) consists of several basics,through which user lead their business,blog and niche website for better promotion.SEO has yet some guidelines and rules,acting upon them take you to higher while neglecting it will keep you on last page of every Seek engine which is quite discussing and furious.It doesn't matter how good your blog is,it depends upon how good is your  (SEO) Skills and Techniques.You will draw thousands of traffic by SEO.
Early in history,SEO was not considered important but  now it is matter of life.Leading Engine (SEO) Requires some attention which every one should pay head to.Creating a blog with Engine leading is nothing.Though if your web is not on the front page of search engines then 60-65 % of readers will not able to find your web,which is quite disgusting and annoying.

                                               Take it easy.SEO is easy to learn and fun to practice.SEO can be learn online.Every blog and web was a newbie.But when the owner of web know the rights and benefits of SEO. They start going with Engine Optimization.

                                            Here we will discuss about some Most Common SEO errors and mistakes while learning Engine Optimization and also after learning  Engine Optimization (SEO).
                              You are at the right place,you are not gonna leave this web empty-handed.Just pay heed to rest of article.

Following Points should be kept in mind while learning and implementing rules and regulations of Searching Engine Optimization (SEO)

1-Url Mistake:

URL is the most common and leading problem to Engine Optimization. Engine Optimization (SEO) requires short,readable and scan-able URL which drives attention of other.Keeping URL long and difficult makes it to draw readers.With that said,it can not easy to     
for oral learning.No is able to keep the URL  in mind.If it's difficult and long.

                                             These symbols ', ?, #, >, <, (, ), \, ; are ignored by Search Engine including Google,Yahoo and Bing etc.They never allow such URL on front page,because this against their policies and regulations. Because these Search Engines only put SEO post on front page for better result.
                                      Keeping in mind the above mistake can lead you to better result and Search Engine Visibility To draw thousands readers daily or even million like other professional have.

Simplicity in URL can lead you to higher ranks and promotions.It is included in the basic of  Engine Optimization rules &  Engines never break their regulation if even one thing in SEO is missing and is using incorrectly.

2-Post Title:

Bloggers don't pay attention to post title which is also leading basic and include in rules of   (SEO).SEO also implement some rules on Post Title which is on top head of whole content.
                                         Post title should  60 characters.he maximum number of post title is 60 characters.more than 60 characters decrease your  engines visibility.Try making your post title short and scan-able by readers.

If you are not the front page of  results,then you are losing approximately 60-65 % of readers as described above.
Keeping that point mind will make your post SEO Friendly and you will draw many readers.

3-Common Creativity:

Don't post article on the topic which has already been submitted by billions of blogger's before.Search Engine faces difficulty in adjusting your content rank and position.Because no one is sure that you have implemented all the SEO rules on blogger post.The one who have implemented all the rules will be on uphill and leading web.
So try be rare and unique.Unique post are more supposed to get front page than those topics which are common and discussing.
Try breaking hot story.Be among the one who break the hot story,by posting it first.Make sure that you timed well,Timing has great power.

Suppose you come to know bomb-blast in your country and you are the first who wrote about this incident.Then you are going to be on front page because thousands of reader will search for and will be redirected on your web.
Content has power.Suppose someone search on search engine and come on your web,just after a second it bounces back to previous result doesn't mean that your content has power or is authentic.

4-Title Tag (Keywords):

It was first supposed that keywords are the words or letters which lead post for better results by Search Engines,later it became false.I am not saying that keywords were never necessary.No,this is not true.Keywords are still in use while assigning SEO rules.

It helps search engine to know about your post content and whole topic and also enables readers to reach your web by typing on search engines.

There are thousands of Keyword Research Tools which enables user to pick the most competitive keyword which may prove faithful to you web as well readers.Both reader and owner become confident by this.Because the readers come on the right place and owner advertise business or earn revenue by different methods and techniques.

5-Meta Tag (Description):

Meta tag description indeed the most efficient way of bringing mass visitors.Meta description are now use instead of keywords.Because it tells search engines about the content and topic of whole article.
                         It enables search engine to adjust it to better page and right place.
Remember there is difference between bringing traffic and bringing right traffic.Bringing traffic is nothing,but bringing right traffic is faithful to your web.

Search engine seeks that how much time each visitor is spending on web,if they are spending lots of time,then you get the chance to lead on front page by bringing up to 90 % right visitors.

 Incorrect use of meta description and keyword may have negative result on your blog post.After assigning meta tags and description go to ScrubtheWeB and see whether you have implement the tags correctly or not.Moreover also see Google rank page and defects of your overall post.

6-Over Using Of Images:

There is no arguing that images makes the overall post look professional and good.But over usage of images/pictures make readers less attentive to content which is not good for blog and also they spend less time which is freaking bad.
Make sure you have less images and more content for better results.One image is utmost necessary because it can help other to judge about your whole content.Image should be attractive,simple and according to page size limit.

7-Extra White Space:

Avoid using extra white spaces in post.It decreases the criteria and value of your content and web.It does not matter how good and authentic your content is.

                                  If you are worried about how to remove extra white spaces from blogger post then try using ezine articles.Make whole post,copy it and paste it on ezine,I'm saying about posting not submitting and see the defects in your post and correct them for desirable results.

Extra white space means writing every word far away from each other.Using two or more than two spaces after every word which is idiotic move.

8-Link exchange:

Link exchange yet another way.Number of linking sites also increase SEO.Use your own web links in your post or other if necessary.When some other blogger will notice that you are driving traffic to his website,then in reward,he will also put your web in his blog roll and blog list.Also in the post links 

Tit for tat.Help others and also get help.

Link exchanging yet is become many important.
Every blogger should leave back-link to other website for leading your search engine result.

Early in history,it was having no value,but nowadays it has ever-growing uses and benefits.

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