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7 Ways To Craft Creative Content And Draw Readers From It?

I have seen many people successful in business and marketing,but when they come ahead towards blogging they get confused and worry,they have nothing unique to share online to readers,they faces crises.Because Website provides same authentic knowledge to people living in different regions and areas.
                                                       Suppose You Are Doing Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNP) and you want to know about the rules,exam pattern and topics directly from the website CCNA which is same for everyone.Everyone collects the same data from the server,it does not matter from where you have logged in.

create good content from within the company
This makes a sense in lot of ways,so you must think about creative and authentic content which may take your blog to higher levels.You always try to impress people by telling them something they don't know.

How do we come up with creative content?

What makes you think that people have never read about post you are about write?I think you cannot figure out 100 % and this is true.Also it depends upon situation.Suppose someone have created a post similar to you before but reader are not able to reach them or don't the like the content,then you can create post,it does not make a large difference.You can share more than one post similar to previous topic,but every time consider that wording and experience should be you unique and creative.Now lemme take you to the point.

                                  Following Points should be kept in mind while you are about yo craft creative content for you blog and want to draw audience from it.


What does be a searcher mean that?It means that go to different search engines platforms and websites which are more supposed to similar to your blog & get creativity and realistic ideas about the article you are about to write.This increases the criteria and makes your content information up to a result enhances the confidence and trust of your reader for you and it becomes a permanent source of traffic to your blog,whenever your permanent user want something to read about,then he/she will be trend to come to your blog.

                                               Don't Read all the post,you probably look on headings written above each idea explanation.Try to explain them in your own wording and using your own experience and creativity.

Do You Know About Google Analytic:

Google analytic staff look for each of the post published by you.Never expect newbie and low post on front page of Google.This behavior will upset you in the future.It will be better if you correct that mistakes now,which you are supposed to do in future.

                                                     But whenever You post unique creative idea,Google will automatically detect it and put that on front page for better results and traffic for you.This is the reward of your working.So Try achieving this reward.

2-Power of Title:

Titles owe invisible magnetic force in them by which they draw thousands of visitors easily.People tend to read even if they were not looking for this post.Try searching on Google,post simple words on Google and see what other have selected title for the similar post and try choosing unique title which should be entirely different from other titles.

                                                                 Be General in title,never use difficult vocabulary and grammar on title.Because People usually search posts with simple vocabulary.
 Suppose if you wanted to now that how to earn money online?then you must have searched like that "How To Earn Money Online"? Instead of "How To Get 300 $ Daily"?


Try using number instead of words.Do You Know What That Means?See the example below

Suppose you are going to make a post about Blogging Tips For Traffic Enhancing.After a research you come across to different titles,now you have to decide which one is better

1-Blogging Tips For Enhancing Traffic?
2-12 Blogging Tips For Enhancing Traffic?

Can't you imagine which one is  supposed to get more readers.?Then 2nd one has more criteria to get views instead of 1st one.Number's increases the credibility of post. 

Still Confused About Title?

Go To Google Adword Keyword Tool and search for phrases and words there and draw suitable conclusions,they give you every information about the given word.The one which has high competition means that mostly people are searching for that,so go for that.See the chart below



3-Creating a content without creating:

It is also called guest posting which means that you get the creative content without writing them.People who are fans of your blog and want to do something for you.Create a guest post for you and you achieve this as a reward of your creative content.Guest Posting is common and tremendous and freaking way of getting Readers to your blog.Because guest post is usually creative and authentic because your client want it to be very special for you.

What Makes Client Write Guest Post For You?

Guest post can only be achieved when your traffic ranking becomes higher and thousands of readers become permanent reader.Client seeks all information of your blog before writing a post,because there is also a reason and purpose behind this.They become famous on your blog by giving you better content and it's your utmost duty to mention the name of writer on guest post.Guest Post also includes back link to their blog.As a result both client and you gets expected traffic.

4-Top Trends:

Usually write top trending ideas and discussion.It is true that bloggers get more views from their country except other countries.Suppose you live in France,then you will get more visitors from France.
                             So try posting top trends which are very unique in France for better chances to develop more traffic.Never try posting odd and old articles.Use something that is precious and people search them on different search engines.

Where To Know About Top Trends?

You can know about new trends by watching news channels of your country and draw conclusions from that.Try picking one trend and never let it go until you leave this profession.Give time for thinking about the trend you are about to select.
Or you can simply use different social interaction website to get informed about new things and stuff.Websites are

4-Google Plus

These are the most famous social websites,you can have ideas free of cost from these websites.

5-Make A Creativity A Habit:

If you want to post,then post creative,otherwise there is no need to post.Don't make your even 1 post simple and odd,it will result in decreasing your blog reputation & criteria.Be among the first who breaks the hot story first.Be Rare & Unique.Never let go off Frankness and Uniqueness.

                            A time will come when different website will link your blog to their directories to send their reader to better place.This is only possible if you craft creative content and draw readers for it.

6-Being Original:

Be original is every step of blogging.Never share something spam,porn or fake.Originality is essential part of blogging.Talk about originality and be original.Advice other to post original stuff and get to reality instead of talking something which has no existence.
                                                 Originality enhances the criteria and value of your blog twice.
If originality is lost,everything is lost,if originality is gained,everything is gained and never become victim of spams and fakes things and stuff.

7-Ask Readers:


Simply ask your readers on blog,take suggestions and make posts for them.So,they become your permanent member.
                                           Being connected with users make them so friendly and increases your blog traffic.
Know on your blog what other wants from you?
Which kind of content they try to look?
What is their need?
Which problems are they facing?


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