Saturday, 18 May 2013

How To Start Blogging On Blogger?

Creating a blog is nothing,but creating a successful blog is something rare and valuable.It's utmost easy way to start blogging on blogger,which is a center of attention for many years.People like to owe more than one blog,but it's even difficult to manage one blog,if you apply the rules and see the regulations and policies of blogger.Blogger is nothing more than simple page which has to be informative and faithful.

                                                                  Blogging is professional profession which is adopted by billions of people all around the world and get world-wide acceptance because of it's numerous freaking features and outlook.

                                                              You are ready to write your first post on blogger,this is going to make you a blogger from an untrained newbie & low.By the way,there is no difference between writing a post and e-mail.Both are like the same,there are few things which varies i.e Creativity,Consultant,Knowledge Full,Faithful,Useful and Trusted Content.

All you need for start blogging is sign up,sign up using Hotmail,Yahoo or G-mail,it doesn't matter which service you are using,they send you verification code and it's up.

1-Choosing Blog Address :

Before Getting start,they will ask for your blog address,through which other may reach your blog.Give a time to this step.Select an appropriate address.Blog address fully represent your whole content,it tells what your whole blog is about,as mine blog address indicates that my blog is about blogging tips for newbie & low.
                                                              Though you can also do a Google Search for blog address for better results,because this post is only about"how to create a blog on blogger?"
Choosing the right template for you and click continue or whatever you see at the lower bottom just below the template.

2-Let's Get Started:

After you get cleared from the above step,you have to think whether what to do further.Which content is more accurate and authentic,which posts will draw readers to your blog.I'm going to tell you about that in this post because these stuff should be in your mind when you start blogging on blogger,many bloggers don't know about this and they get confused and mixed up when they know about this.Following points should be kept in mind while writing a blog post

1-Which post is best to draw audience?

2-What makes Google to put my post on front Page?

3-For which stuff people are more supposed to be searched for?

3-Go For a Title:

Now,you have to put the title in the upper empty field.What is Title,how can it help?
Suppose you create a post "how to start blogging on blogger",so whenever a user will search that on Google it will come to see your blog for better results and stuff.
Use a suitable title for your content.
                                              Title are your most powerful weapons,it takes reader at the gun point.Make Title which compelled other to see your website whether if they don't want to.
Google Analytic's revealed that people who can't go for a suitable title are most likely to get failure,it doesn't matter how authentic their content is and who is the blogger.!

4-Post the Content:

Now fill the required field just below the title field.It's about the content field.This is what people will read.If your content is authentic and informative,then your reader becomes your permanent source of traffic,as a result you will get twice revenue and better result.
                                          The better your content is,the better chance it will become to get more visitors and readers.


"Low and Behold" before publishing which is at the right most corner just after the title field in shining red background.Check your content fully for grammatically and logical problems and error,Correct your spellings,think about if there's something more to tell about the readers.
                 After that go for the publish button,Congratulation you have created your first blog post.

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