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Some Unknown Failure Points About Blogger?

Creating a blog demands a lot of important steps that should be done in order to meet mass number of permanent members and reliable users,As I told before that bringing traffic is nothing,but bringing right traffic is something.Unknown Important steps that you have never been told are unfair for your blog as well as guidelines.Google seeks who is implementing the basics of blogger and working for it.

Sitting far away from your blog does not going to help your fighting the uphill battles in search engines.
It requires lot of fore sighting and  planning to reach the aims which you have always aimed of.

Following Points should help you in improving your Blog criteria world wide.All these steps and instructions have been gained by searching and self-practised conclusions.

Common Problems

Neglecting the below advices will keep your blog on last page until you pay heed to the following instructions:

1-Many Repeating Words:

While Creating article,one should make sure that words are not being repeated again and again.Doing this can keep you behind the heights and search engines results.
                                         Maximum repeating words should be 15.Exceeding this causes defame and less visibility of your Blog.
Repeating words is also categorised in two types:

1-Common Words:

Common words can be repeated many times.They can exceed the limits because article is incomplete without words like is,am,they,I,me,You,Blog

Google allow them to be used continuously until the article is completed.There is no search engine which seeks these repeating words.

2-Unique Words:

Words other then common words are categorised as unique words.Unique words include search engines,visibility,Failure and many kinds like these are called unique words which should be use in limits.For those who didn't go for searching are most likely to face this failure.

Best Practise:

Common Repeating Words

1-Before allowing article to go live,do a page word search and type those words which you think that are being used again and again.Change these words to some other words which have the same meaning that the previous word posses.

For example,picture has exceeding word which means that search engine can also be changed into web searcher for attaining the equilibrium.

2-Using Copyrighted Image:

Using Image is best,if they are not copyrighted.Copyrighted image gives a bad theme of your blog to Internet Industry.One can not use copyrighted image until it gets written permission by the owner of image.It's a very long procedure to inform Google that it is used after permission which is devastating.

When you do a search on Google image and reach the image.Google notify that this image may be subjected to copyright,that means Google have already detected copyrighted material in your blog.

Best Practise:

Try making your pictures,that can help you to increase your self abilities and image creativity.

Best Image editing and creating software's include Snagit 11 and Adobe Photoshop 7.

3-Taking Headings From Other Websites:

Most Idiotic move is taking lines from other blogs and try writing them in your own wordings.Google has vast list of each topic.They also know that these lines and headings have already been published.They detect that someone is trying to write them in their own words.

Suppose you created a website about Blogging Tips and Tricks and you thought about making post about "how to drive traffic to your blog"?and you do a google search to know what other have published about this,now you come across a site in which you see.
Copyrighted stuff

Now the most idiotic move is to read these steps and write them again in your blog,this is not copyrighted,still it's not creative,that means there is something already published.Though keep in mind that while writing give your own suggestions and predictions.

Best Practise:

Do searches on what others are posting about your topic.Try reading them to increase your knowledge.Reading is good,but writing them again in blog is bad.
So before writing a post try thinking that you are unique,creative and general which is basic of blogging.

4-Exceeding Post Title Characters?

The worst thing about blog is exceeding your post title characters.60 characters are in limits.Crossing this can give you negative results.Being creative,descriptive and short in title post is great thing.

There are two demerits of long title post which are as follows:

1-Losing Engines Reputations,See how?

We will categorise them as two types,see

1-Unfamiliar with post theme:

Long post makes distractions with the image theme and creativity,whenever a person do a google search he see 10 leading websites and the reader decides which is more relevant by reading the post titles,what if reader is not able to see your whole post title?
Important Steps

You see that first link is too long,though it is crossing the limits and showing in ... That means that it has degrade the reputation of entire blog .

2-Search Engine Failure:
Search Engine keeps these kinds of post behind the front page to main the criteria of their engines world-wide.
                           It does not matter how your post differs from others?

2-Less Query Matched?

When someone type on google search,Google spider bot insteadily gives most relevant links to the searcher query for better results and engagement.The more keywords are matched,the more website is likely to appear on front page.

Think?If your post is long,then you will absolutely get less keyword matched,As a result no audience in blog.

Best Practise:

Try making short,descriptive,attractive and engaging titles to draw mass readers.Bringing people to blog is nothing,but bringing organic and quality people is something.

5-Neglecting Your Niche:

It's not good for your blog,if you forget your niche,the topic on which you always write for,the purpose which you have always aimed of?
Same Niche engages people to spent lots of time on blog rather then they bounce back instantly after coming to blog.

Suppose if you are reading this blog that means you are at the right place.You will like to read more writings of mine to get more and more qualified knowledge.
What if you find tea making tricks and magic shows on the right side of my blog?

You will surely bounce back by skipping my blog and that's right.

Best Practise:

Take a deap breath and start thinking about the following things:

1-Which topic is more engaging? 
But remember don't write anything about something which you don't know,it's foolish thing.

2-Which topic is more attractive?

3-In which niche Am I more qualified?

4-Which is best for me?

Now,try creating your further post on the above basics for better improvement of your website.

I'm informing again. Never Forget Your Niche..!

If you forget your topic,then everyone will forget you.

6-Exceeding Number of Self Links:

Linking to your web is good,but too much thing is bad.You can link to your own website 1000  of times in one post,but that's only better when you link to relevant post for that word other than some other post which have nothing related to previous post.

If you do this,then this is a cyber crime.In punishment Search Engine neglects your website on every promotion stage.For Those who have linked relevant links to famous websites have better reputation world-wide.Never think that you are not being noticed.You are always being noticed on every step.
Though you are not wiki,so it's your painful duty to link to other website to maintain the criteria.
When some other will notice that audience is being coming from other blog,then in reward he will also put your web link in his blog roll.
On the other hand,Link exchanging is the basic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO),The more you get links,the better it is.

Best Practice:

Try creating a blog roll which drives 1/4 traffic to others web forming link exchanging which is the basic of SEO.Doing this will keep your blog on higher level and position.Search Engine will remember you on every stage of promotion.

7-Slow Loading Pages:

Slow loading pages have a bad effect on your web visibility.Heavy pages are usually get lower  engines reputation because of their time consuming loading.It's utmost duty to make sure the timing in which your page loads.It doesn't matter it's your own web or some other linked pages.

How This Happen?

When a page exceeds 1 Mb in size,it automatically faces crises due to large number of content on a single pages.Content includes words,pictures,files and gadgets on your page.
Keep your page fast and reliable by searching the ways of reducing size of page on Google or Yahoo.

Best Practise:

Do Analytics of your web on Google Analytics,see the differences,speed loading time,average time spent by each reader and stuff to determine future planning.

Page Loading Times

Draw conclusions from it and think about the future to avoid previous mistakes for better establishment of your web.

8-Updating Blog With Books Content:

Updating Blog is necessary to engage readers.Updating blog makes permanent source of traffic.But it is not good to write articles from books which have published.You have a book that means that book has been published and millions of people around the world will have the same book with same words.What if some other already have published article from the book which you were about to write.Google stamp the blog as a spam and illegal content which continuously bring disgrace to your web and you.Revenue and traffic will be automatically stopped.You will not find a lost option.

It's good to write from a book which has never been on Internet by having the written permission from the author of book and staff.Doing this will bring trust and confidence on you By Google.

Best Practise:

Try reading others blog about your blog niche to get increase in your knowledge and self skills.Try creating your own distinctive blog post that are unique,rare and valuable to engage mass readers at the same time.

9-Using Existing Titles On Search Engines:

Do a Google search while creating an article to make sure that there's no article on Internet with same title which you are about to type.Doing this will keep you different from others web buried in search engines.It will bring organic and time spending people to your web.

It's painful duty to make your post title descriptive,short and informative that attracts the attention of people surfing on Internet.

Best Practise:

Do A Google Analytics and see the number of visitors coming back again to your blog.If the number of visitors are in large number then that obviously means that you have quality content with engaging stuff on web.

Pay heed to picture below:
Important Step

Returning visitors are those visitors which come back to your web again in order to see new updates and creativity.

10-Typing The Same Tips and Tricks:

Display something different to compel people to read all the content written.Never try posting the same tricks which have already been buried on Internet and are very common.Readers will instantly bounce back,if they find some common and odd tricks and tips.Because they already knew about it.

Always post your own conclusions and thinking to make people read content.

Best Practise:

Join communities and take suggestions from other people about the their imagination and planning for upcoming years.Ask your readers,what to write about for them?It will give confidence to your readers,ultimately they will become permanent way of organic traffic.

11-Writing Like A Newbie Style:

Be a consultant rather then a newbie and low.Give organic and authentic information and tips to readers.Write like a adept blogger.Be frank and funny in comments.Reply on every comment to provide real time facility to readers,so they may come back again to see your blog changing and updates.

Best Practise:

Surf other sites on net and see the way they types,the way they arranged,the way they managed,the way they bold their headings,the way they leave extra whitespace,the way they use images and stuff to understand the demographics.

12-Odd Blog Templates:

Good looking template leave a long-term soothing effect of your site on the readers mind.It makes the reader so comfort and they like to spend more time on site.Odd looking templates are more likely to get blog destruction overall on blog sphere.

Best Practise:

There are billions of blogs and website buried in Internet Sphere.It's difficult to bloggers to fight the uphill battle in search engines.That's only possible if your blog varies from other stuff on the Internet History.

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