Sunday, 16 June 2013

9 Pro Ideas To Engage Traffic To Your Blog?

Hello every one there, I will inform you about 7 Pro ideas which you should or should not be doing in order to engage traffic on your blog.
When someone move into your blog and he/she immediately bounce back,then it means you have no engaging and adroitness power.
Blog sphere is forever changing and cyclical.If you are reading,then it's obviously means that your bounce rate is low in analytics.Right?Probably yes.

Ideas are ever coming in the mind.Points are being discovered to manage properly.

Intrinsically,When your visitors engage,then you have organic traffic,other wise if they bounce back then it means it's inorganic traffic.

It's good that you people are now supposed to know about engaging power,which means you are heading towards the promotion steps.

The sooner you follow the upcoming instructions,the better it is.

1-Aggregate about particular topic:
Particular topic has authority.Dominance on particular topic is prestige.If a niche is about the same affair,it's great.People like to read more like the same topic.

It's a biggest blunder to make random site,which will distract you in upcoming years.
The earlier you hold one niche,the better it is.

If you are looking this article,obviously you would like to see more this in website and that's true.Think about yourself.What if you find tea making tricks in right sidebar?Probably you could bounce back.

If you start writing about "SEO Basics",then enhance your writings in SEO.There is no need to write about "Cooking" or  "Fishing" which have no relation.
Take a theme and get going with it.If someone says "no" then don't pay attention to the word "no".Theme has power as well as,you web will be get noticed by major search engines including Yahoo,Bing and Google.Avoid Generic,give more value to niche.

2-Prefer Mother Language:

Look for language in which you native.Never try picking newbie website which has no correct sense of tenses,grammar and vocabulary to engage people to read your content.
Readers are more likely to read new and unique words for better development and coverage of their self vocabulary and grammar.
Write in Chinese,if you are Chinese.Speak your mother language.Don't exploit your business by beginner language articles.

3-Craft something which compel readers to come back:

Suppose you have website of niche "Adword Coupon".You must set up a way of email and password to provide adword.It's painful duty to inform users that adwords can be updated any time on the website.The sooner will get the adword coupon.This will enhance attention in the user's mind.He/she will look forward to watch your website to make sure that adword are still not updated.
In this way these user's engage on your website.He/She will become permanent source of traffic and Google could improve your website integrity and morality.

4-Gadgets and Icons:
Avoid gadgets and icons.Gadgets and icons make your page fully heavy and loaded,ultimately your loading of page slower,which is not accepted by SEO basics.In a result,your website will remain on last page forever.
These also make your page harassing and ugly which oblige customers to depart.
It does not matter how quality content you have.It's just about the page impression.

Good looking page urge people to return and visit for updates.

As someone says:
"First Impression is the last impression".

Only use utmost necessary gadgets.


Facilitate your customers or readers with contact options via different methods and techniques:

1- Phone number (if business is large,try providing your employers)
2- Email
4-Social Networks
5-Home address (if you really do care about your readers and customers)

When all these 5 things combine,your reader become confident on you.Being in touch with your users indeed a great hobby.It's fun to teach and instruct audience.

6-Self-tested beneficial Experience:
Don't write what others are talking about.Just craft and tell what you have experienced throughout your experience.Readers are supposed to read the experience and faults done by the bloggers in the beginning.They are not bothered about knowing what others have done and what were their conclusions?This behaviour can rank you to ignorance level.

Suppose an idea flashed upon in your mind about "Things I wish I'd known on the first day of my blogging"then it's painful duty to tell your experience in the last past years.
This behaviour can gain engaging audience which is desirable.

7-Obviate gigantic Images:

Pictures are dexterous to represent your idea.Though over using and giant pictures make the whole theme look odd.You might have seen large 1080 p images which are too spacious and may not fit your screen.What you think about them?Obviously you think about leaving the page which have too many and horrible pictures.

Bloggers attach images with text for better representation and to establish higher value for them.But many get result in negative,told you the biggest blunder done by mostly authors.

8-Authentic Information:
Write up to date,general and authentic information,which are entirely different from the thousands of other websites buried in Internet Mega Crop.
Authentic information should be accurate,reliable and trusted.
Gain trust of readers.Craft something that locks the gate to skip the website.
You should supposed to write what others want from you,especially the permanent readers.You can know about permanent readers through the comments they post.

9-Magnetic Titles:

Titles are king.The more clever title is,the more audience it will get.Avoid choosing past centuries titles like "How To Start Blogging On Blogger".Try selecting stylish and magnetic skilled titles like "7 Strategies You Should Never Let Go Of,If you are a blogger?"

Titles are speak less,still they have power.You can scroll other buried sites to determine whether which titles are most likely to get more click.

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