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10 Interesting Facts About Blog That Every Blogger Must Know?

Blogging is more than fun nowadays,users make blog for making online bucks quickly.People like to owe more than one blog,they wish to manage more than one blogs for better chance to get more revenue to meet their daily requirements and more stuff.Blogging started as a online business in 1990,Early in history many fewer blogs were supposed to exist,but now it has become major profession for millions of people.Some of them earn thousands of dollar while few of them can't be able to earn revenue as they have always dreamed of because they don't pay attention to the regulations and policies of blogger.
Blogging Statistics Facts and Figures 2012 Infographic                                                                 Blog's are now considered main source to display,share and advertise companies online for better chance to get more fame and popularity.It is vital and necessary step to create a blog for your business,doesn't matter what kind of business do you owe?From e-commerce company to kitchen utensils.As you are a visitor a adept blogger so it obviously means that you are a blogger and at the right place.Following points should be kept in mind while creating and writing blog.Blogging is free and will always be you can optimize your blog to different search engines

So today I took my rare time for writing this unique article for you to become a victorious and ever-growing blogger.Let's have a look below on the points and instructions:

1-Google Time Checking:

In-fact,it is utmost essential step that every blogger must know about it,but because of some policies and tricks,people forget to tell you about this freaking point that can change your life from homeless to successful blogger forever.

Do You know?

Whenever a reader approaches your blog,Google analytic's staff start counting time spent by each reader on your blog.After every month they count the number of minutes spent on each post,probably you must have notice that many famous blogger have content which may attract the attention of various readers,People spent lot of time there,that's why Google automatically put them on their front page for better results for readers.

What makes people spend time on your blog?

It's only possible if and if you provide authentic,rare,unique and informative content in each post.If you try to make your each post creative,more developed and good looking.Try making your each post thinking that it's your last post.

2-Number of blog permissible per account:

Another interesting fact that every blogger should know about it.People like to owe more than one blog.It's impossible to reach the number of permissible blog per account which is 100 blogs per account.Which is difficult for a man to create,but still an important thing to tell about,because you are a blogger so you must know about every regulation and policies about blogger.
              If you cross the number of blogs per account then Google will detect and restrict your account,they may ban your Google account,as a result you can do nothing.
So think about before creating your new blog.

3-Number of permissible blog post each day:

You can create unlimited blog post each day to some extent.You can only do this when your blog posts cross 50 posts.But before you reach 50 posts don't post more than 5 post per day.Otherwise they can ban or suspend your account for few days or even it can be months.Or they can also ask for Google Verification Captcha to verify that you are not a robot.
            So whenever before creating blog post you must keep this instruction in mind for better results and revenue.

4-Copyrighted Content:

Never use copyright content for your blog.Copyright content is most idiotic and fool step which can only be done by a newbie & low.Because an expert blogger can never do this fool step.Newbie think they are going to be rich and famous by posting copyright content on each post.But as a result they get nothing in their hand,not even a single permanent visitor.

What is Copyrighted Content?

Simple definition of copyrighted content is to copy data and content from other website and paste it to your own blog.Which can never lead you for better result,even you can't earn a single penny by this.You must owe a genuine and authentic content for better result.

5-Picture Storage Limit:

Many people have picture blog.They capture,edit and upload it to their blog.They should purchase a domain if they want to create a picture website.Because they cannot upload a single picture if they cross 1 GB limit.Blogger will automatically restrict you to upload further picture.So,you must owe another blog to upload further picture and to promote them.
                                                        I recommend you to simply owe a domain from any famous website and get going.

6-Number of Comments:

Fortunately there is not restriction in comments,readers can comment on your blog with no limit restrictions,It doesn't matter you get 1000000000 comments or 1 comment.Blogger like blog which have plenty of comments and they help in enhancing their visibility and criteria of your blog for better search engine results.
                                          Comments are the most basic thing on blogger,when a reader find something interesting and useful.they leave a thanking comment or comment having a query.

7-Page Size Limit:

Text covers few size.Text are data or writing on your post.Blogger allows you to make each post not longer than 1 Mb.Which is quite enough for one single post.

8-Minimum Post Words:

Minimum post words are 400.Creating a post less than 400 words are supposed to be placed on 4 or 5 page of Google which seems difficult to get traffic.Creating a post with 400 words are minimum but that doesn't mean it's suitable and it's going to work for you.To me it's also less because it can never lead you to higher ranks.
                                      Let's think and see distilled,copyblogger & problogger. Do you think they have 400 words on each post?
Answer is no,They have each post containing words between 1000 to 2000.This is the reason behind their success and respect.Also they are more supposed to get thousands of dollar each day with free of work and tension.

9-Suitable Words for Post:

I recommend you to make your each post containing words more than 1500,I know it's difficult and time consuming but when you will start earning,all your tiredness will turn into happiness.You will get long-term revenue and permanent sources of traffic.
                                                If you don't have any idea about word ,then create your each post according to the size of my this post.The more you post,the more chance it will become to gain thousands even millions of visitors each day.
                                                          I know it's kinda weird to you now until you see your blog on such point and higher ranking.

10-One Post Success:

It is myself experience that only one post can take you to higher ranking.I recommend you to post your article of different ideology,creativity,attribution and with authentic and informative content.Post something different,Post something that attracts readers,post something that readers wish to read.
                                                          Be Frank,consultant,adviser,funny and general on your each post to get permanent readers and successful output.Be aware of any mistake,read this post again and again to remember and fix them on your mind.

Also Have A Look On Infographic's and draw conclusion from them.

1-How Many People Read Blog?

2-State of Blogging World?

                          State of Blogging in 2012               

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