Thursday, 30 May 2013

Working Of Googlebot Spider Indexing

Googlebot is the process of crawling and searching upcoming web posts,putting it on search engines by replacing up-to-date knowledge from existing and old post.All It's aim are to provide authentic,valuable and relevant stuff to the query indexed by reader by matching the words which are displayed as Bold letters in search engines.

Search Engines

 Google Bot consists of thousands of computers,they are in the search of authentic and creative web which can be displayed to the searcher query in search engine results.Whenever Googlebot detect new website,it crawls and index it to Google.The website homepage as well as all the linked page with that website start appearing on Google Search.It does not mean that your site will be on front page.It  will just appear on Search Result,Maybe you can find it on last of Google where no one is able to find you.The major aim of Googlebot spider indexing is to make internet more secure and noticeable.

Being An Author It's our painful duty to know How Google bot spider indexing works,What are benefits if we pay heed to Spider Crawling.

It's all about Quality content and basics of SEO which we are going to learn in upcoming days.

Google Bot works on two types:

1-Self Indexing:

If You are not interested in waiting for Googlebot spider to index you,then Google has provide second option for indexing your site to Google .They have facilitate their user by indexing via this page Google Add Url.They add your homepage.There is no one who can force Google to index webpage as well as all linked pages.They will proceed your website within  2 days and the rest of linked pages gradually.

                                Self indexing can be done on the very first day of your blogging.They put your homepage on last page because of insufficient knowledge if you are newbie,but as your website will grow higher,they will notice and put your homepage on better pages to drive mass reader.

2-Spider Crawling:

If you have patience and you don't go for self indexing,then Googlebot will crawl your website and index it on Google Search Engine same things happen on  Yahoo and Bing.

                                                    Googlebot saves all the documents in mind whenever a searcher type his query,the Googlebot instantly provide 10 relevant links to the searcher query.The appearing website are the most matched searcher query keywords and meta tags.

The more rank a page has,the better chance it will become to maintain more better position in various search engines.

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