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Things I Wish I'd Known On My First Day Of Blogging?

 Blogger is an inspiring website which draws millions,even billions of people toward itself,Money and advertisement is the only reason by which people get inspired by famous blogger and plan to craft & owe a genuine blog for them.Creating a blog doesn't make you a blogger,creating center of attention content for millions of people make you a perfect blogger.Making newbie & low blog doesn't gonna make you blogger,It's kinda weird to call somebody blogger,even he/she having not a single visitor because of inadequate knowledge and skills about blogger.Though blogging requires lot of planning and foresight to make and manage handsome blog.

                                       Thousands of people earn money from blogger,they are not newbie.They also faced the stages,hurdles and fences to get become victorious.Blogging is profession adopted by newbie from all around the world and it is world-wide website.It's a website which provides you a blog,by which you can live the life which you have always dreamed of.If you are beginners to blogging that have a entire look on this post to get better blogger and develop more chances to earn more revenue instantly.

Remember you are not going to purchase house,Cars,Industry and factories from the money you get from blogger,though you cannot even manage your whole family in the beginning.It requires a lot of time,training,experience and hardworking.Blogging is more than fun now,thousands of people managed their home by blogging while other meet their daily requirements and needs.While rest of them are working hard or some of them leave this profession.

                             Today main aim of this post is to inform you about some important things which you must keep in mind while blogging,if you are new to this profession,because people create 100 of posts without knowing the right principle,regulations and rules of blogging,as a result they get disappoint and leave this profession saying that online business is spam and fake,even it's not true,you just ask the same question to you,what if this was fake,then why billions of people are using it,Are all they fool?Do all they make idiotic move?I hope you understand what I'm trying to tell you.

1-Most Idiotic move ever made:

People new to this blogging world keep on posting and posting.This is idiotic move,they should be aware that it's fool thing to create a post after a post without promoting them.This makes their blog full but ultimately they get nothing in output,not even a single visitor.This point should be in your mind while making your first blog.
                                                                     As a consultant,I recommend you to promote each post to at least 1500 visitor before going for your very next post.

Now the question rises why 1500 readers are necessary,what is the reason behind this purpose??

Actually when your post reaches 1500 visitors, Google detects and put that post on front page,if it's unique and rare.Otherwise they are supposed to put your post on the last page and you can do nothing except the chance to promote that post,I have discussed about how To Drive Traffic To Your Blog Post Already,you can have a look for better chance to get thousands of traffic.
                                           Or If you don't wanna do it on your own and you see budget in your pocket that purchase the traffic from Google,you can simply have a search on Google.They will charge 1 cent by each visitor.
                                     Suppose if you want 50000 readers on your post,then you have to pay 500 $,that will bring mass traffic even after your package is expired.

Did You Ever Notice?

You may have seen blogs in which you have realize that how can they get 100 of comments on their each post,what is the hidden trick behind this,then you are wrong,they don't use trick,they simply use budget to increase their post visitor and they have more and more visitors until their blog is finished or removed ,because Google put that on front page,the more visitors you have,the better chance it become to appear on Front page of Google which is indeed an honor for newbie blogger.

2-Take one topic and never let it go:

Bloggers must acknowledged that they have to take only one topic to create a blog.Don't post random articles.It decreases the visibility and criteria of your blog.Take a one topic and make your rest blog according to that topic you have decided on first day of blogging.You must think:

1-Which Topic is more likely to searched by People?

2-Which topic is rare?

3-Which topic is unique?

4-Which is more realistic and valuable?

5-Which one is more popular among people living in your area?


Suppose you have come to conclusion that people who make blogs about topic" physical fitness and beauty" and they are supposed to get more views?and you know nothing about "physical fitness and beauty"then never try to make a blog on this topic unless you are fully trained and consultant about this topic.


Rather you can owe two or three famous books about "physical fitness and beauty" and start writing from them,this is possible,you can do this.Only if when you make sure that this book is never been posted on internet before.
                                                      Suppose you created a highly contented blog and you don't know that this book was already taken to make a blog,then you can never even earn a single penny or $ from your blogger,

You Know What?

Google and Blogger called this copyrighted content,which is the best example written above.You copy some content from another website and paste it on your blog,then this is called copyrighted content which is strictly forbidden and annoying thing.Google does not allow this blog to appear on even last page of Google because it owes nothing genuine.Genuine means content which is never been posted to anyone blog or website before & is fully self-written.

2-Try Becoming Reader Before Consultant:

This means that have a complete research on different website and directories about the post which you are about to written,see and try to create your own post.which may entirely different and unique from them.Search completely and start posting with some rare and highly competed Title which may have chance to become utmost tool to craft and draw audience from your Post.
                             Inadequate and non-authentic knowledge is fool and idiotic move,try to make your post long with good content so the reader become permanent & also check your other accounts of different purposes.
                                Try making post with words 1500 to 2000 words with better content.
Once you keep in touch,there's nothing impossible to create creative and advising post.


You ever realize no one was sent directly from sky,whether they took birth from mother's abdomen. Well-known bloggers were also newbie and confused member.You are not the only one.You are not the first.You can reach the highness and criteria which you have always dreamed of.

3-Expect Better Get Better:

Blogging industry is ever-growing.There is no one who can proof to be the best blogger.Right?I know you must be wondering that:

How Can I imagine about creative ideas?

I know it's kinda weird to you now,but once you get in touch,you get the right solutions for all faggot problems.Creativity and new things will pop up in your mind every single second.It's not an important issue to discuss and think about,you will get the right answer and right solution by your own.Don't divert your mind to this question,I'm advising you again and again that once you get in touch and things will be fine and good.

You can simply visit and read what other are posting and get ideas from there.Never lose your identity.I mean never get off the track.Post but also promote.

4-Blogging Time Schedule:

Don't give your whole day and night on blogging.Google analytic's revealed that every newbie is more likely to spend more time on blogging.which is absolutely wrong.Manage and pick a time.Carry out all activities in time which you managed.
Give suitable time to studies,sports and families.Don't use too much blog that it may even worry your parents.

Make A Post Schedule:

You should have to manage your blogging post routine.This increases the regularity and important of blog.I post on Monday,Tuesday,Thursday ,Saturday and Sunday.I work more on weekends because of plenty of free time.
                                                          It also makes me punctual and increases important to time.
Make your every post thinking that it's your last post.Never post fool thing.Small posts are nothing.Make your post authentic,rare,valuable and more long posts for better results.


Avoid what>?Avoid the following moves and activities for becoming better blogger and consultant.Avoiding these things may give you mind relaxation and wash brain tiredness.


Never see Facebook while writing article.You can never become blogger like this way.You have to stop using and manage timing to become even a more better blogger for better results.

Addicted to Facebook?

If you are addicted to Facebook,then try to go offline for chats to get timing for blogger posts.Otherwise there is no way out.It will mix your mind and you will not be able to create even a single famous post for your blogger.

2-Never Tell Friends About Your Website:

Yes this is true and fact,that it is good,if your friends are not aware of your website.Telling your friends not going to brings millions of visitors,though they can become a big source of trouble and mind disturbation.

What is the reason behind this??

The main major reason is when ever you put Adsense ads on your blog,they get clicks and bring your revenue but when some of your friend know about this,they get temperature and they try finding a way to stop your revenue.This is very easy for them to stop your revenue.

How can they stop your revenue?

All they need is to click your ads again and again without no reason except jealousy and become reason to stop your revenue.Because Google thinks that you compelled or use another system to click your own ads and earn money from them.That's why they block your Adsense account and there is no way to get account back & ultimately there is no such a person which is able to reach them.

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