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26 Supreme Ways To Bring Mass Traffic To Your Blog?

logging industry is never ending.Blogger is centralize unit which comprises of page with text and images.More over billions of blog exist in blogging industry.While few of them are rare and unique.Some of them has creative content but no views,while some of them are having millions of visitors without such creativity and words.Blogging facts are ever-growing

Did You ever Notice?

When you do a Google search and see thousands of related query links.Top 10 links with related query are appeared on front page which are more relevant and useful.This is done by spider or robot which indexed the pages on Google according to the criteria.
                                                                     Sometime it's not all about criteria and content.Sometime it depends upon the visitors traffic linking uniqueness and rareness 

Suppose you do a Google search and find 10 relevant post.You notice that 3rd linking web query is more relevant than those who have successfully won the uphill battle and are on no.1 and no.2 linking website.

Suppose you do a Google search "Twitter Iphone app" and find 10 relevant query linking website.You come to know that 4th linking website is more relevant  and useful than those who won the uphill battle.

The real fact about post who have won uphill battle is described as:

1-The winner has larger number of linking website
2-The winner has more inbound and outbound links
3-The winner ha permanent source of traffic.
4-The winner has implement all SEO rules correcty
5-The winner has interaction will Social Bookmarking websites.

These are the points which help blog and website for winning the uphill battle.Winning the uphill battle can take over years.Even after implementing all the rules and regulations correctly.Because the winner must be working twice to promote.

Promoting a blog requires a lot attention and foresight.Following points should be kept in mind while planning to generate mass readers to your brand new blog or old blog.It doesn't matter at all.

1-Submit your website to social bookmarking websites including digg,StumBleUpOn,DelIcIous,techorati and Reddit.All of these have great features and reliable readers which they send to your blog in order to increase your blog visibility in every stage.These are social bookmarking website.Submitting your blog on bookmarking websites can take you to higher level.Make all bookmarking site icon available in the end of each post.So ,readers will easily share your data and creative content.It can be only come true if the readers like your article than the rest of those who have buried in search engines.

2-Try making linkedin profile,complete your profile thoroughly and try creating Linkedin group.Choose unique title for the group if not interested in promoting.But it's necessary to get in touch with Linkedin.Add more friends and connection to your profile.Leave your blog address to your profile and group descriptions.Be in touch with other by joining other groups which exist in Linkedin.

3-Change your each post to Pdf with Free Pdf Converter and upload these pdf documents on popular website like ScRiBd and Docstoc.These are website which also have solution to your online storage money bank known as Adsense.

4-Build traffic with your own blog.Leave your website link on each post when it is necessary.Leaving anti-query links will be notice by search engines and you will draw no traffic.

5-Defend your ideas vigorously.Suppose in order to play trick on your own blog will require some attention to have more visits page.Suppose give a video icon in the post and write below the post that reload this page it the video is not working.Infact,the video never exist.

6-Create an online community around you and draw traffic from community.Give solutions to the latest upcoming queries.

7-Submit your website to different search engines and directories,It will enhance your blog visibility to different search engines.Try a Google search"Submit blog to different search engines" or directly use PiNgMYUrl to submit your blog or website to over 1500+ search engines  free of cost and easily.

8-Use image with your each post to represent the idea of your post and to draw readers from the attraction and smoothness of image.It gives good look to your whole post.It is also include in optimizing your blog in search engine result to bring mass readers.Overusing of images is drawback of your blog.Because text is the main weapon in blog and if text are fewer than images then I must say that you are not doing right.

9-Create a page and group on each social websites including Facebook and Twitter.They can help you by providing mass traffic.But first priority should be to promote your group or page first.So when ever you update the statues,you will get thousands traffic.Promoting Facebook fan page with $ is quite easy.If you have some budget in your credit card or Paypal.

10-Sign up for stackoverflow. Provide simple answer to queries to get attention of readers.Try making questions of your own and by providing answer in the content with the back-link of your blog.

11-Make A Youtube Channel.Upload unique videos of your own and by leaving back link of your blog in the descriptions of your each video for better results.Make sure you have mention your blog on Youtube Channel.
                                                          Or Try using Dailymotion and implement all the instructions given above.It's your own choice.
                                                      I recommend youtube because it has many other freaking features and facilities.

12-Blogroll yet is another important step.Put links to other newbie blog on your blogroll.When owner of other blog will notice that traffic has been coming to some blog.Then in reward,he will also put your blog in his blogrolls.Both of blogger will get faithful.

13-Comment is still main source of traffic.Comment on other blog by leaving backlink to your blog.It will enhance your search engine visibility as well as your blog criteria.But comment where necessary.Don't leave a comment of "beauty tips" on the web which is related to "blogging tips".Because the traffic will instantly bounce back to previous website.It's an idiotic move.

14-Write articles on Ezine Article.Read the rules and get on this.Create articles for Ezine.After getting approved within one week you will see tremendous traffic trending toward your blog.Remember to leave a back link on word below the article to drive mass readers.Google used to put Ezine articles on front page because of it's creativity and uniqueness.Suppose if your Ezine article is getting million of viewers,then ultimately you are getting 1/4 of viewers on your blog also.That means you will get thousands of viewers.Pay special heed to this step.

15-Promote your blog post with Google Adword.If you have some $ in your pocket right now.Don't hesitate to spend money.Just be patience.Expect the unexpected and go for Google Adword.

16-Make Your Shorter by clicking Permalink on right side of main content portion.Making shorter helps readers easily remember your URl and type again next time they wish to see relevant post.

17-Sign up for and draw,permanent and loyal traffic to your blog easily.It's like a community you grow and then drive it to your blog for better search engine results to get millions visitors.

18-Syndicate your blog content via ifttt,blogcatalog,demandstudios,networkedblogs,alltop and other bloggers there.Tell people what your blog is about,what are the benefits and uniqueness of your blog content by signing up for those.Try using only one of those.ifttt is must.After you implement all the necessary steps,then go for the next one for better linking your blog.

19-Engage your traffic on your blog by commenting and answering related to their query.Comment something that attract reader to come back and see what you have commented.

20-You can't expect the unexpected,make blogging habit.Do blogging every day or make blogging schedule for good outputs.Never try to stop blogging.If you are too tired of blogging,then write 2 times a week but never stop posting.It will decrease your blog visibility on different platforms which drive traffic to your blog.

21-Try getting shorter domain ,informative and relatively small URL.Try making URL memorable to compel reader to remember it even reader don't want to.

22-Do A Keyword research and find what people are searching for related to your niche and try posting about them for better chance to get more targeted traffic.

23-Create a site map for your website using Google Webmaster,in order to get fetch and then indexed by Google on better pages according to your content and creativity.

24-Try putting meta tags on your each blog post.Especially to some creative and unique blog post.Don't put meta tag on homepage it will result in duplication of meta tags.Just try putting it on your blog post which is also the basic of SEO.Doing it incorrectly can result in error of SEO which can be proved to be great drawback of your blog and your Google Page ranking will be lost.

25-Write about you on Wikipedia and get never ending huge amount of traffic and loyal fans to your blog easily.

26-Sign up for webring.It is the collection of websites which are linked up with each other and form networking.This site drive short-term traffic but compel search engine to provide long-term traffic to your blog easily.

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