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What Is Sitemap Creation And Submission?

Sitemap creation and submission is another faithful program which allow bloggers to create their targeted map of their blog and then submitting it to Google for indexing to get good result which you have always aimed of.Site map creation and submission is important step of webmaster tool which has great power to attract thousands bloggers attention and trend.

                                   Site map creation is basically to tell about the existing of your website and all the pages which are associated with your homepage which can make a big difference by driving mass people to blog without no cost and work.Site map was first used as the purpose of bringing traffic,but as time passed it also proved to bring the right traffic which reader want to read.When a reader will do a Google search,in output reader will see 10 relevant website.Though your web can also appear their if you keep working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How To Create A Site map?

Creating Site Map is not difficult,there is no need to do Google Search for finding the right site map xml.You can simply go to Webmaster tool and from there find the site map creation are and type "sitemap.xml" right after your blog or website domain which will be send to get approved.It can take 5 to 10 minutes to get approved.

Where To Do Submission In Webmaster Tool?

Submission can be proceed after the very next second you get approved by site map creation.Submit your website and wait for some hours and find comfort results.See how many linked pages submitted and how many of them are rejected?
Try finding solutions by checking the crawl error in webmaster tool.

Best Practice:

Submitting your website after fully preparing and managing is better.Submitting your newbie blog or website (which was created few days or weeks ago) is idiotic move.Be patient,try posting creative content and wait for the perfect time.Submit after posting your 100 + article.

You Must Be Wondering?

You must be wondering that why we need to submit sitemap even we have done this earlier by adding our URL?
The answer is that some corrupt and neglected URL's which are thrown away by spider crawling.Sitemap creating and submission helps to submit those links which were neglected by spider crawling.


Sitemap creation and submission is only helpful if and if you blog has the following characteristics and uniqueness:

1-Your site has authentic and well-written content without any self improving techniques and revenue purposes.
2-Your website homepage have linked pages which were failed during crawling process and were not indexed in Search Engines.
3-Your Site is very new and has new links to it which is not discover-able using spider or robot crawling.
4-Your website is so large so that it cannot be fully crawled by robot or spider during crawling and indexing process.

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Working Of Googlebot Spider Indexing

Googlebot is the process of crawling and searching upcoming web posts,putting it on search engines by replacing up-to-date knowledge from existing and old post.All It's aim are to provide authentic,valuable and relevant stuff to the query indexed by reader by matching the words which are displayed as Bold letters in search engines.

Search Engines

 Google Bot consists of thousands of computers,they are in the search of authentic and creative web which can be displayed to the searcher query in search engine results.Whenever Googlebot detect new website,it crawls and index it to Google.The website homepage as well as all the linked page with that website start appearing on Google Search.It does not mean that your site will be on front page.It  will just appear on Search Result,Maybe you can find it on last of Google where no one is able to find you.The major aim of Googlebot spider indexing is to make internet more secure and noticeable.

Being An Author It's our painful duty to know How Google bot spider indexing works,What are benefits if we pay heed to Spider Crawling.

It's all about Quality content and basics of SEO which we are going to learn in upcoming days.

Google Bot works on two types:

1-Self Indexing:

If You are not interested in waiting for Googlebot spider to index you,then Google has provide second option for indexing your site to Google .They have facilitate their user by indexing via this page Google Add Url.They add your homepage.There is no one who can force Google to index webpage as well as all linked pages.They will proceed your website within  2 days and the rest of linked pages gradually.

                                Self indexing can be done on the very first day of your blogging.They put your homepage on last page because of insufficient knowledge if you are newbie,but as your website will grow higher,they will notice and put your homepage on better pages to drive mass reader.

2-Spider Crawling:

If you have patience and you don't go for self indexing,then Googlebot will crawl your website and index it on Google Search Engine same things happen on  Yahoo and Bing.

                                                    Googlebot saves all the documents in mind whenever a searcher type his query,the Googlebot instantly provide 10 relevant links to the searcher query.The appearing website are the most matched searcher query keywords and meta tags.

The more rank a page has,the better chance it will become to maintain more better position in various search engines.

Why We Use SEO And What Is It's Demand?

Googlebot Spider

Why We Use SEO?

As Described earlier,We use SEO for fighting the uphill battle in search engine results which are quite difficult  even impossible with implementing all the basics of SEO on website. SEO was first introduced by Google for the purpose of knowing that what other are talking about on internet and what is the criteria,content and creativity of their content.
                                                               SEO basically informs the search engines including Google,Bing and Yahoo about your website and each single post you create.That's only possible if you get instructed by some SEO expert or guide yourself by surfing on internet.

                                             Learning SEO is not that difficult,but acting upon them is quite difficult.Just a little Bit SEO can make a noticeable difference which you always aimed of.

Fulfilling all the demands of SEO  can take your website to front page of Google and other famous search engines,but Google is the most leading engine which lead readers to the relevant websites for better results.

We use SEO for better promotion and for maintaining prominent visibility in search engines to draw millions of traffic.

Some want to became expert to get million visitors to get thousands of revenue while rest of them want to advertise their business and stuff etc.

SEO Demand:

SEO demand is ever-growing because of it's never ending facilities and reliable features.SEO is profitable and has vast demand in every aspect of internet business.It is practicable and advantageous.SEO demand is accurate for newbie for better promotion.SEO has grew taller because of addition of thousands of websites and blog daily.
                                                    It's useless to make website without chasing the practice and guidelines of search engine optimization which is utmost essential part for website as weapons are essential in a war.

We can say that a man without no weapon in a war.If you want to win the never-ending war then pay heed to the next steps we are gonna talk about correctly and attentively.
It has successfully gained world-wide acceptance and popularity.Home based Job of SEO is starting from 2 $ to 50$,it does not matter where you are,what is your profession.
But It's major thing to know all aspect of SEO thoroughly and attentively. 


Before getting start,it's my painful duty to inform you that SEO training is for those who have quality content and creative stuff on their web and blog.If their website have ability to engage people for several minutes and even hours.
                                            You can do Google Analytic for better knowing about your website.
Suppose if someone do a Google Search and find your website in search result,anonymous click your website and bounce back just after anonymous click,then that means you have no quality content.Your content has no ability to engage people on your web.

SEO is for those who have hand-written content,not for those who have copyrighted content.If you have a copy past website,later it will appear as a biggest annoying thing when Google will delete or reject your website.It will be better if you try making future comfort right now.

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Best Introduction About SEO

Welcome To Day 1:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is method of enhancing web visibility and criteria without any cost.The more better you implement SEO,the better chance it will become to get huge traffic.When we type on Google search.Instantly at the same time spider also known as robot crawl the existing indexed website and display 10 most relevant websites related to the query of the searcher.The more SEO has become huge,The more internet has grown larger and secure.

Search Engine TrafficEarly in history SEO was not considered important,but nowadays it has become major and permanent source for majority of website that exits.SEO is not software or program,it just simple knowledge about promoting your blog or web by acting upon the regulation and points which SEO consists of.Becoming SEO expert is fantastic.If you are planning to become SEO,then you are doing really good job.You don't ever think about the never-ending benefits of SEO.
                                   SEO is mainly work on leading Search Engines including Google,Yahoo and Bing.

Seo is not all about bringing traffic,but it's also deal with driving right traffic.
Your website has no value if after entering your web reader instantly bounce back.


If you are not on the front page of Google,then you are losing 60% of traffic.Maintaining position on front page is a dream if you have not aware of SEO.

Steps To Pay Attention:

1-Why we use SEO and what is it's demand

2-Google Bot,Spider Indexing

3-Site map creation and submission

4-Techniques of SEO

5-Methods of SEO

6-On Page and Off Page Optimization

7-Online Marketing

8-Meta Data Submission

9-on-page content editing

10-Search Engine Submission

11-Keyword density and enriching

12-Social Bookmarking Forum Posts

13-Profile link-building

14-Blog Comments

15-SEO article creation and submission

16-News letter submission

17-RSS Feed Submission

18-Directory Submission

19-Email Marketing

20-Social Media Marketing

21-Intro To SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

22-Paid Marketing (Facebook)

23-Intro To PPC (Google Adword)

1-Learn to earn through e-commerce and become SEO expert

2-Global Job Opportunities no matter where you are

3-Millions of Online Projects

4-Home Based Jobs starting from 2$-50$

5-Never-ending and ever-growing Techniques and Knowledge.

Where Do I start SEO?

SEO is easy to learn and fun to practice.Learning SEO online is best practice.It provides authentic and up-to-date Knowledge.Internet industry is ever-growing so as article is.
                                                    Newbie To SEO?Yes,I know.I also know you are also confused and tired of being searching on Search Engines to find the best web for SEO course without any cost.That means you are exactly at the right place.
                                                      Yet,SEO has some rules.Being attentive to them can take you to highers,while neglecting them makes your web like dustbin.Don't expect the unexpected.Don't think that someday Google will put you on front page.That's never gonna happen.Come on reality and think about something.

Does My Website Requires SEO Course?

Well indeed,it's yes.The better you act upon SEO,the better chance it will become to gain more valuable and targeted traffic easily. SEO has yet some rules.Combining them will make a perfect website which you have always aimed of.Your website is never gonna bring mass readers if you don't know about SEO. SEO tells Search Engines what your content is about,what you are talking about?What is the criteria of your website?

                                                  Even a little part of SEO can make a perfect difference in visitors.I have listed the basics of  SEO above to tell people what they have to learn in the future for best practice.

How Much Time Will SEO Take?

You can become SEO expert in just 1 month.If you stay with us.Otherwise it can take even years because of insufficient knowledge from newbie websites.The more valuable site is,the more valuable is the content is.
                                     You all are at the right place.Free of cost SEO training (Home Based Training).Home based knowledge is more rare and unique because it's never ending.The knowledge which is gained through internet by surfing is ever-growing.You can become a real time SEO expert with us.

Can I do SEO?

Ofcoures,yes.Indeed every expert was a newbie at some era.But later newbie becomes expert and professional because of surfing and learning day and night.Did You ever think that you are gonna make a blog of your own?You must have a blog or website if you are reading this article.Nothing's impossible,just aim and gain the goal which you dreamed of.

                                                  I know it's kinda annoying to you know,but in upcoming next days you will feel confident because of authentic and well-written content provided to you by our staff.

Where Do I start Learning SEO?

Pick a single website and go for your training.Never mix up websites while doing SEO.One site is quite enough to guide you,if you are ready.If you stay with us.We will provide you great training about SEO with Basic Blogging Tips
Tell us by leaving a comment if you any query in your mind related to this topic.You will get feedback as soon as possible.Stay here and gain everything.

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26 Supreme Ways To Bring Mass Traffic To Your Blog?

logging industry is never ending.Blogger is centralize unit which comprises of page with text and images.More over billions of blog exist in blogging industry.While few of them are rare and unique.Some of them has creative content but no views,while some of them are having millions of visitors without such creativity and words.Blogging facts are ever-growing

Did You ever Notice?

When you do a Google search and see thousands of related query links.Top 10 links with related query are appeared on front page which are more relevant and useful.This is done by spider or robot which indexed the pages on Google according to the criteria.
                                                                     Sometime it's not all about criteria and content.Sometime it depends upon the visitors traffic linking uniqueness and rareness 

Suppose you do a Google search and find 10 relevant post.You notice that 3rd linking web query is more relevant than those who have successfully won the uphill battle and are on no.1 and no.2 linking website.

Suppose you do a Google search "Twitter Iphone app" and find 10 relevant query linking website.You come to know that 4th linking website is more relevant  and useful than those who won the uphill battle.

The real fact about post who have won uphill battle is described as:

1-The winner has larger number of linking website
2-The winner has more inbound and outbound links
3-The winner ha permanent source of traffic.
4-The winner has implement all SEO rules correcty
5-The winner has interaction will Social Bookmarking websites.

These are the points which help blog and website for winning the uphill battle.Winning the uphill battle can take over years.Even after implementing all the rules and regulations correctly.Because the winner must be working twice to promote.

Promoting a blog requires a lot attention and foresight.Following points should be kept in mind while planning to generate mass readers to your brand new blog or old blog.It doesn't matter at all.

1-Submit your website to social bookmarking websites including digg,StumBleUpOn,DelIcIous,techorati and Reddit.All of these have great features and reliable readers which they send to your blog in order to increase your blog visibility in every stage.These are social bookmarking website.Submitting your blog on bookmarking websites can take you to higher level.Make all bookmarking site icon available in the end of each post.So ,readers will easily share your data and creative content.It can be only come true if the readers like your article than the rest of those who have buried in search engines.

2-Try making linkedin profile,complete your profile thoroughly and try creating Linkedin group.Choose unique title for the group if not interested in promoting.But it's necessary to get in touch with Linkedin.Add more friends and connection to your profile.Leave your blog address to your profile and group descriptions.Be in touch with other by joining other groups which exist in Linkedin.

3-Change your each post to Pdf with Free Pdf Converter and upload these pdf documents on popular website like ScRiBd and Docstoc.These are website which also have solution to your online storage money bank known as Adsense.

4-Build traffic with your own blog.Leave your website link on each post when it is necessary.Leaving anti-query links will be notice by search engines and you will draw no traffic.

5-Defend your ideas vigorously.Suppose in order to play trick on your own blog will require some attention to have more visits page.Suppose give a video icon in the post and write below the post that reload this page it the video is not working.Infact,the video never exist.

6-Create an online community around you and draw traffic from community.Give solutions to the latest upcoming queries.

7-Submit your website to different search engines and directories,It will enhance your blog visibility to different search engines.Try a Google search"Submit blog to different search engines" or directly use PiNgMYUrl to submit your blog or website to over 1500+ search engines  free of cost and easily.

8-Use image with your each post to represent the idea of your post and to draw readers from the attraction and smoothness of image.It gives good look to your whole post.It is also include in optimizing your blog in search engine result to bring mass readers.Overusing of images is drawback of your blog.Because text is the main weapon in blog and if text are fewer than images then I must say that you are not doing right.

9-Create a page and group on each social websites including Facebook and Twitter.They can help you by providing mass traffic.But first priority should be to promote your group or page first.So when ever you update the statues,you will get thousands traffic.Promoting Facebook fan page with $ is quite easy.If you have some budget in your credit card or Paypal.

10-Sign up for stackoverflow. Provide simple answer to queries to get attention of readers.Try making questions of your own and by providing answer in the content with the back-link of your blog.

11-Make A Youtube Channel.Upload unique videos of your own and by leaving back link of your blog in the descriptions of your each video for better results.Make sure you have mention your blog on Youtube Channel.
                                                          Or Try using Dailymotion and implement all the instructions given above.It's your own choice.
                                                      I recommend youtube because it has many other freaking features and facilities.

12-Blogroll yet is another important step.Put links to other newbie blog on your blogroll.When owner of other blog will notice that traffic has been coming to some blog.Then in reward,he will also put your blog in his blogrolls.Both of blogger will get faithful.

13-Comment is still main source of traffic.Comment on other blog by leaving backlink to your blog.It will enhance your search engine visibility as well as your blog criteria.But comment where necessary.Don't leave a comment of "beauty tips" on the web which is related to "blogging tips".Because the traffic will instantly bounce back to previous website.It's an idiotic move.

14-Write articles on Ezine Article.Read the rules and get on this.Create articles for Ezine.After getting approved within one week you will see tremendous traffic trending toward your blog.Remember to leave a back link on word below the article to drive mass readers.Google used to put Ezine articles on front page because of it's creativity and uniqueness.Suppose if your Ezine article is getting million of viewers,then ultimately you are getting 1/4 of viewers on your blog also.That means you will get thousands of viewers.Pay special heed to this step.

15-Promote your blog post with Google Adword.If you have some $ in your pocket right now.Don't hesitate to spend money.Just be patience.Expect the unexpected and go for Google Adword.

16-Make Your Shorter by clicking Permalink on right side of main content portion.Making shorter helps readers easily remember your URl and type again next time they wish to see relevant post.

17-Sign up for and draw,permanent and loyal traffic to your blog easily.It's like a community you grow and then drive it to your blog for better search engine results to get millions visitors.

18-Syndicate your blog content via ifttt,blogcatalog,demandstudios,networkedblogs,alltop and other bloggers there.Tell people what your blog is about,what are the benefits and uniqueness of your blog content by signing up for those.Try using only one of those.ifttt is must.After you implement all the necessary steps,then go for the next one for better linking your blog.

19-Engage your traffic on your blog by commenting and answering related to their query.Comment something that attract reader to come back and see what you have commented.

20-You can't expect the unexpected,make blogging habit.Do blogging every day or make blogging schedule for good outputs.Never try to stop blogging.If you are too tired of blogging,then write 2 times a week but never stop posting.It will decrease your blog visibility on different platforms which drive traffic to your blog.

21-Try getting shorter domain ,informative and relatively small URL.Try making URL memorable to compel reader to remember it even reader don't want to.

22-Do A Keyword research and find what people are searching for related to your niche and try posting about them for better chance to get more targeted traffic.

23-Create a site map for your website using Google Webmaster,in order to get fetch and then indexed by Google on better pages according to your content and creativity.

24-Try putting meta tags on your each blog post.Especially to some creative and unique blog post.Don't put meta tag on homepage it will result in duplication of meta tags.Just try putting it on your blog post which is also the basic of SEO.Doing it incorrectly can result in error of SEO which can be proved to be great drawback of your blog and your Google Page ranking will be lost.

25-Write about you on Wikipedia and get never ending huge amount of traffic and loyal fans to your blog easily.

26-Sign up for webring.It is the collection of websites which are linked up with each other and form networking.This site drive short-term traffic but compel search engine to provide long-term traffic to your blog easily.

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8 Most Leading SEO Errors

(SEO) consists of several basics,through which user lead their business,blog and niche website for better promotion.SEO has yet some guidelines and rules,acting upon them take you to higher while neglecting it will keep you on last page of every Seek engine which is quite discussing and furious.It doesn't matter how good your blog is,it depends upon how good is your  (SEO) Skills and Techniques.You will draw thousands of traffic by SEO.
Early in history,SEO was not considered important but  now it is matter of life.Leading Engine (SEO) Requires some attention which every one should pay head to.Creating a blog with Engine leading is nothing.Though if your web is not on the front page of search engines then 60-65 % of readers will not able to find your web,which is quite disgusting and annoying.

                                               Take it easy.SEO is easy to learn and fun to practice.SEO can be learn online.Every blog and web was a newbie.But when the owner of web know the rights and benefits of SEO. They start going with Engine Optimization.

                                            Here we will discuss about some Most Common SEO errors and mistakes while learning Engine Optimization and also after learning  Engine Optimization (SEO).
                              You are at the right place,you are not gonna leave this web empty-handed.Just pay heed to rest of article.

Following Points should be kept in mind while learning and implementing rules and regulations of Searching Engine Optimization (SEO)

1-Url Mistake:

URL is the most common and leading problem to Engine Optimization. Engine Optimization (SEO) requires short,readable and scan-able URL which drives attention of other.Keeping URL long and difficult makes it to draw readers.With that said,it can not easy to     
for oral learning.No is able to keep the URL  in mind.If it's difficult and long.

                                             These symbols ', ?, #, >, <, (, ), \, ; are ignored by Search Engine including Google,Yahoo and Bing etc.They never allow such URL on front page,because this against their policies and regulations. Because these Search Engines only put SEO post on front page for better result.
                                      Keeping in mind the above mistake can lead you to better result and Search Engine Visibility To draw thousands readers daily or even million like other professional have.

Simplicity in URL can lead you to higher ranks and promotions.It is included in the basic of  Engine Optimization rules &  Engines never break their regulation if even one thing in SEO is missing and is using incorrectly.

2-Post Title:

Bloggers don't pay attention to post title which is also leading basic and include in rules of   (SEO).SEO also implement some rules on Post Title which is on top head of whole content.
                                         Post title should  60 characters.he maximum number of post title is 60 characters.more than 60 characters decrease your  engines visibility.Try making your post title short and scan-able by readers.

If you are not the front page of  results,then you are losing approximately 60-65 % of readers as described above.
Keeping that point mind will make your post SEO Friendly and you will draw many readers.

3-Common Creativity:

Don't post article on the topic which has already been submitted by billions of blogger's before.Search Engine faces difficulty in adjusting your content rank and position.Because no one is sure that you have implemented all the SEO rules on blogger post.The one who have implemented all the rules will be on uphill and leading web.
So try be rare and unique.Unique post are more supposed to get front page than those topics which are common and discussing.
Try breaking hot story.Be among the one who break the hot story,by posting it first.Make sure that you timed well,Timing has great power.

Suppose you come to know bomb-blast in your country and you are the first who wrote about this incident.Then you are going to be on front page because thousands of reader will search for and will be redirected on your web.
Content has power.Suppose someone search on search engine and come on your web,just after a second it bounces back to previous result doesn't mean that your content has power or is authentic.

4-Title Tag (Keywords):

It was first supposed that keywords are the words or letters which lead post for better results by Search Engines,later it became false.I am not saying that keywords were never necessary.No,this is not true.Keywords are still in use while assigning SEO rules.

It helps search engine to know about your post content and whole topic and also enables readers to reach your web by typing on search engines.

There are thousands of Keyword Research Tools which enables user to pick the most competitive keyword which may prove faithful to you web as well readers.Both reader and owner become confident by this.Because the readers come on the right place and owner advertise business or earn revenue by different methods and techniques.

5-Meta Tag (Description):

Meta tag description indeed the most efficient way of bringing mass visitors.Meta description are now use instead of keywords.Because it tells search engines about the content and topic of whole article.
                         It enables search engine to adjust it to better page and right place.
Remember there is difference between bringing traffic and bringing right traffic.Bringing traffic is nothing,but bringing right traffic is faithful to your web.

Search engine seeks that how much time each visitor is spending on web,if they are spending lots of time,then you get the chance to lead on front page by bringing up to 90 % right visitors.

 Incorrect use of meta description and keyword may have negative result on your blog post.After assigning meta tags and description go to ScrubtheWeB and see whether you have implement the tags correctly or not.Moreover also see Google rank page and defects of your overall post.

6-Over Using Of Images:

There is no arguing that images makes the overall post look professional and good.But over usage of images/pictures make readers less attentive to content which is not good for blog and also they spend less time which is freaking bad.
Make sure you have less images and more content for better results.One image is utmost necessary because it can help other to judge about your whole content.Image should be attractive,simple and according to page size limit.

7-Extra White Space:

Avoid using extra white spaces in post.It decreases the criteria and value of your content and web.It does not matter how good and authentic your content is.

                                  If you are worried about how to remove extra white spaces from blogger post then try using ezine articles.Make whole post,copy it and paste it on ezine,I'm saying about posting not submitting and see the defects in your post and correct them for desirable results.

Extra white space means writing every word far away from each other.Using two or more than two spaces after every word which is idiotic move.

8-Link exchange:

Link exchange yet another way.Number of linking sites also increase SEO.Use your own web links in your post or other if necessary.When some other blogger will notice that you are driving traffic to his website,then in reward,he will also put your web in his blog roll and blog list.Also in the post links 

Tit for tat.Help others and also get help.

Link exchanging yet is become many important.
Every blogger should leave back-link to other website for leading your search engine result.

Early in history,it was having no value,but nowadays it has ever-growing uses and benefits.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Learn 7 Basic Levels For Foundation Of SEO

Creating Blog is nothing,but creating successful blog or business is something & something is only gained after learning the basic levels to Increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO).Internet world is confusing and ever-growing.Readers face various difficulties in finding the right content.If you are reading this post then that means that you are exactly confused blogger.After searching a lot you go for Learn Basic Levels To Increase SEO.I must say that you are at the right place.Don't get nervous.

                                               Optimizing your website (SEO)brings mass readers and traffic sources.Though it must be difficult for you because you are a newbie.I will try my best to make it easy as possible for you.

To me creating blog is nothing,all it's require address and template and you are live.You can't be called real time blogger until you implement all the basic levels to increase SEO.


Do you know why are you confused?Because you don't give time to each post.People do a Google search and open two or three links to leading websites.They read fewer from each websites and get confused.Avoid this confusion,take one website to cover basic levels to increase SEO.Also keep in mind that SEO affects only organic and unpaid search results,not for the paid and sponsored results such as "Google Adword".

Now have a look on Learning Basic Levels To Increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Enhancing the criteria and visibility to get more traffic.

SEO Basics:

SEO basics include various topics which are necessary to be discussed an act upon.SEO basically comprises of different parts.As A-levels requires O-Levels.After doing O-level we go for A-level.I'm going to represent basics levels of SEO on the basis of their priority and importance for Search Engine Optimization.

1-Content Quality:

The first basic priority to be victorious with search engines optimization requires Content.Content is basic powerful tool.It has the most higher qualities for basic SEO.It is always be considered to be top while searching and researching for SEO.Content is necessary in SEO As guns are necessary in wars.Quality should be interactive,strategic and authentic.

If nothing possible,try posting quality content.Post reasoning content which compel the readers to spend more and more time on your website.Google analytic's notice automatically that all readers are mutually interacted with your blog(by spending several hours and minutes) and they optimize your blog for better results in search engine.
                                                 Researching keyword is quite helping,There are various tools that inform you what people are searching for different content.One of the most popular online tool is Google Adword.
                                       Suppose you have created a blog of curing "Malaria".you tell people ways to preventing malaria & use didn't use good and unique content then Google will skip your website location from better pages because of non-authentic and non-updated information .
                         Content quality can only be enhanced by using country language.Don't try to post only in English.Try explaining in your mother language which may proved to foundation of millions visitors.

Never Think about bypassing:

It's idiotic move to think that Google will not check for their content and pass it on the front page.Think yourself,if it was really possible,then why would every professional blogger's waste their time searching for better content.


Second most essential weapon is word.Words are supposed as the basis for attracting people attraction.After Quality and researching,go finding for words.What are words?Suppose you have created a blog post on "Learn Basic Levels To Increase SEO"then you have to use this word again and again until your post ends.Use where it necessary.Don't use on foolish lines.Use on suitable and matching lines.

Look,I have created a blog post "Learn Basic Levels To increase SEO"and I'm using it again and again.Google usually put that on front page because Google think that may provide authentic information because same words are repeating again and again.Also do a Keyword research for more chance to get thousands of visitors.

3-Content Engagement:

Content Engagement can only be expected in well-written and creative content.Content engagement basically require following criteria:
4-Quality Content
7-Hot story 
9-Professional Looking Blog
10-Attracting Content

If you meets the criteria give above,then you can expect readers engagement and different activities on your blog.
                      Suppose if someone searched on Google and find your web,if he bound back right after opening,then this is not content management.It's called useless content.So try posting attracting Content
                                Expect the unexpected,No one knows when Google put your blog for better results and optimize your search engines visibility and criteria.
If every reader spend lot of times on your blog,then it means you have completed on of the most essential SEO level.You will get mass traffic.


1-Is your content fresh?
2-Do you break hot topics?Are among the people who usually break the hot topics?
3-Do you update your Articles?

Content Freshness is basically an utmost priority for popularity of blog in Search Engine Optimization.

Google seeks freshness and updated articles,the one he find the most reasonable and attractive get the opportunity of getting mass traffic by nothing.After someday Google automatically send your article in descending because of further fresh articles updated on Google.You can judge the importance of freshness and update from this example.Keep your articles up to date.Choose a day in week,in which you must update and fresh your articles to maintain their position and standard.

5-Page Titles:

Try indicating your page titles by page tag which is indeed my self-tested successful experience.Title tag helps both of Search Engines and Readers what the content is about.The title tag must replaced by <title> with <head>tag by going into layout template HTML.Creating a unique title for each post enhances visibility of your web.

                                                 If you article pop up in Search Engines.The title tag will take opportunity to display earlier by the rest of data and title etc.
                                                       Title may describes the name of your brand,Business and Niche etc.
                                       Choose title which suits the content written in article.Avoid writing other title.Suppose you are about to post article "7 basic Levels of Foundation Of SEO"then title tag must be related to this.Title tag should be like "Levels Of Foundation Of SEO".
Levels of Foundation Of SEO will appear immediately after the search.Each of your page have unique title tag so Google easily know that how your web is different from other websites and companies.


Use descriptive but short titles which may fit your content.If you give large title tag then Google will only show small part of title,while the rest will not be shown because of length.
Be aware that Title tag must not be unneeded,it must be faithful and useful.Though Page Title are an important source of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

6-Meta Tag:

Meta Tag gives a short summary of your whole content to Google and each reader.It describes what is your content about?What is the theme of article?It can only be few words or may be 2-3 sentences,not longer than this.Further tag will result in decreasing traffic.
It is replaced in <head>tag of your template HTML.
                                              Meta Tag are essential because Google might use them as snippets   
for your whole content.If your meta tag meet various readers queries,then you will get the chance of front page and open directory websites.Creating meta tag for your post has always been a good practice for both readers and blogger.Blogger get the views and reader get the right information.Bolded words are the letters which match the readers queries,the more matches you get,the more chance it become to bring mass traffic which may prove to be the foundation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


URL is another essential way of completing foundation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).Choose unique and rare url,should be less in words and numbers.Make them fun to remember and easy to type.In this way you get jam traffic by getting direct URL traffic.On the other hand if URL is long and descriptive then there is no chance to get jam traffic,Because no one is ready to remember difficult words and letters.
                                          If you type short title suiting your content may prove to bring you at high levels.Because queries of reader will more match your content and Google will be compelled to show your article.

                                  Fighting Uphill Battle:

Fighting uphill battle may take months,if you started on the basics from the day you have read this topic,otherwise it requires even 5-10 years for fighting uphill battle or you are going to remain on the last page forever.If you don't want to learn Search Engine Optimization BASICS and their importance world-wide.SEO is indeed business,millions are getting money by teaching other SEO,what's wrong if you learn it online for free,even it's better than those of academies and expert's.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

7 Ways To Craft Creative Content And Draw Readers From It?

I have seen many people successful in business and marketing,but when they come ahead towards blogging they get confused and worry,they have nothing unique to share online to readers,they faces crises.Because Website provides same authentic knowledge to people living in different regions and areas.
                                                       Suppose You Are Doing Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNP) and you want to know about the rules,exam pattern and topics directly from the website CCNA which is same for everyone.Everyone collects the same data from the server,it does not matter from where you have logged in.

create good content from within the company
This makes a sense in lot of ways,so you must think about creative and authentic content which may take your blog to higher levels.You always try to impress people by telling them something they don't know.

How do we come up with creative content?

What makes you think that people have never read about post you are about write?I think you cannot figure out 100 % and this is true.Also it depends upon situation.Suppose someone have created a post similar to you before but reader are not able to reach them or don't the like the content,then you can create post,it does not make a large difference.You can share more than one post similar to previous topic,but every time consider that wording and experience should be you unique and creative.Now lemme take you to the point.

                                  Following Points should be kept in mind while you are about yo craft creative content for you blog and want to draw audience from it.


What does be a searcher mean that?It means that go to different search engines platforms and websites which are more supposed to similar to your blog & get creativity and realistic ideas about the article you are about to write.This increases the criteria and makes your content information up to a result enhances the confidence and trust of your reader for you and it becomes a permanent source of traffic to your blog,whenever your permanent user want something to read about,then he/she will be trend to come to your blog.

                                               Don't Read all the post,you probably look on headings written above each idea explanation.Try to explain them in your own wording and using your own experience and creativity.

Do You Know About Google Analytic:

Google analytic staff look for each of the post published by you.Never expect newbie and low post on front page of Google.This behavior will upset you in the future.It will be better if you correct that mistakes now,which you are supposed to do in future.

                                                     But whenever You post unique creative idea,Google will automatically detect it and put that on front page for better results and traffic for you.This is the reward of your working.So Try achieving this reward.

2-Power of Title:

Titles owe invisible magnetic force in them by which they draw thousands of visitors easily.People tend to read even if they were not looking for this post.Try searching on Google,post simple words on Google and see what other have selected title for the similar post and try choosing unique title which should be entirely different from other titles.

                                                                 Be General in title,never use difficult vocabulary and grammar on title.Because People usually search posts with simple vocabulary.
 Suppose if you wanted to now that how to earn money online?then you must have searched like that "How To Earn Money Online"? Instead of "How To Get 300 $ Daily"?


Try using number instead of words.Do You Know What That Means?See the example below

Suppose you are going to make a post about Blogging Tips For Traffic Enhancing.After a research you come across to different titles,now you have to decide which one is better

1-Blogging Tips For Enhancing Traffic?
2-12 Blogging Tips For Enhancing Traffic?

Can't you imagine which one is  supposed to get more readers.?Then 2nd one has more criteria to get views instead of 1st one.Number's increases the credibility of post. 

Still Confused About Title?

Go To Google Adword Keyword Tool and search for phrases and words there and draw suitable conclusions,they give you every information about the given word.The one which has high competition means that mostly people are searching for that,so go for that.See the chart below



3-Creating a content without creating:

It is also called guest posting which means that you get the creative content without writing them.People who are fans of your blog and want to do something for you.Create a guest post for you and you achieve this as a reward of your creative content.Guest Posting is common and tremendous and freaking way of getting Readers to your blog.Because guest post is usually creative and authentic because your client want it to be very special for you.

What Makes Client Write Guest Post For You?

Guest post can only be achieved when your traffic ranking becomes higher and thousands of readers become permanent reader.Client seeks all information of your blog before writing a post,because there is also a reason and purpose behind this.They become famous on your blog by giving you better content and it's your utmost duty to mention the name of writer on guest post.Guest Post also includes back link to their blog.As a result both client and you gets expected traffic.

4-Top Trends:

Usually write top trending ideas and discussion.It is true that bloggers get more views from their country except other countries.Suppose you live in France,then you will get more visitors from France.
                             So try posting top trends which are very unique in France for better chances to develop more traffic.Never try posting odd and old articles.Use something that is precious and people search them on different search engines.

Where To Know About Top Trends?

You can know about new trends by watching news channels of your country and draw conclusions from that.Try picking one trend and never let it go until you leave this profession.Give time for thinking about the trend you are about to select.
Or you can simply use different social interaction website to get informed about new things and stuff.Websites are

4-Google Plus

These are the most famous social websites,you can have ideas free of cost from these websites.

5-Make A Creativity A Habit:

If you want to post,then post creative,otherwise there is no need to post.Don't make your even 1 post simple and odd,it will result in decreasing your blog reputation & criteria.Be among the first who breaks the hot story first.Be Rare & Unique.Never let go off Frankness and Uniqueness.

                            A time will come when different website will link your blog to their directories to send their reader to better place.This is only possible if you craft creative content and draw readers for it.

6-Being Original:

Be original is every step of blogging.Never share something spam,porn or fake.Originality is essential part of blogging.Talk about originality and be original.Advice other to post original stuff and get to reality instead of talking something which has no existence.
                                                 Originality enhances the criteria and value of your blog twice.
If originality is lost,everything is lost,if originality is gained,everything is gained and never become victim of spams and fakes things and stuff.

7-Ask Readers:


Simply ask your readers on blog,take suggestions and make posts for them.So,they become your permanent member.
                                           Being connected with users make them so friendly and increases your blog traffic.
Know on your blog what other wants from you?
Which kind of content they try to look?
What is their need?
Which problems are they facing?