Thursday, 20 June 2013

4 Writing Tips To Drive More Traffic For Blog?

Hello everyone,today we are gonna learn about some basic writing tips for bloggers to drive more traffic to blog.These tips are gonna be tricky,we will use some other ways that can help us to drive more traffic.

Writing is tongue-tied,but still has talent.Nothing is approachable from blog to business,if you have no sense of writing.Writing skills are utmost essential from newbie to adept.Organizing blog is gentle but administrating blog is bothersome.People wish to generate a brand new blog by learning the basics,which are inevitable.

Right away,flowing towards the 5 basic writing tips for every one.It's not a grave sin to read others blog.

Tip 1:

Once you wrap up in with blogging,there's no scheme of wing back.This tip is precisely.Main aim should to be to grip strongly.The speedily you do,the finer it is.

When you cope up with a topic which is cycling and you have an idea about that which might cross 2 thousand words in single article,then try doing the upcoming procedure for more traffic:

Make two parts of the article.Suppose you created article on "5 writing tips to drive more traffic for bloggers" then it's your painful duty to make two sections of article.

"5 writing tips to drive more traffic part 1 and on the next page part 2".

If the reader find this interesting,then for sure he/she will go for the next part.

Two targets with one arrow.Make sure that topic is interesting and good to read.

Tip 2:

This suggestion is also gonna work to promote the same page.Tips are better if you whirl them on the concurrent way which dexterous inform you.Suppose you created article "5 writing tips for blogger".Make sure that you simply pose the suggestion for further information which actually does not exist.It's not cheating,these are the important conclusions which I have drawn.


Afterwards the completion of item,pay heed to following stuff:

In the middle of your post,leave a space like below:

5 writing tips Video for detailed and to drive forever coming audience:

                                                    Leave the space here

and write,
If this video didn't play icon button,then reload.
No one knows how many times the visitor reload your page to watch the video.But we actually know there's nothing something else related to video.Is it clever?Yes it is,
It would increase your website clarity and perfectability for best search engine results.It will gain Google trust,because when a person from same computer do repetition on your website,Google mark the website as trusted site.

Tip 3:

Heading towards the tip 3.Using links to other corporation via content headings is more desirable.Link exchanging is father of Blogging.The more links you implant,the worthier it is.
Shifting your audience to reputed websites.Obviate those who are larger in business and cannot create a back link to your website.Shift to some fellow website which is on the same stage and destination.
But brood over,linking toward heading is the promotion step not via your rest of the content.Headings are bold captivate readers to shift to some other web.Headings are clickable.
Whenever your fellow will notice that you are driving traffic for him,then in result he will also put your blog address in website via blog roll and articles.

Tip 4:

The more you glance for design,the fitter it is.Design and good looking articles are arresting.They seduce audience and never let them go.Don't loose hope.Hope is the beginning of every profession.

If you like my writing design and style then scan below:

I am blogger then obviously I'm gonna talk about blogging style.While managing article,I use georgia in the whole article,whereas I use Trebuchet writing style with largest text in headings.
It's absolute nature law that human beings are attractive towards beauty.Beauty is King.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

9 Pro Ideas To Engage Traffic To Your Blog?

Hello every one there, I will inform you about 7 Pro ideas which you should or should not be doing in order to engage traffic on your blog.
When someone move into your blog and he/she immediately bounce back,then it means you have no engaging and adroitness power.
Blog sphere is forever changing and cyclical.If you are reading,then it's obviously means that your bounce rate is low in analytics.Right?Probably yes.

Ideas are ever coming in the mind.Points are being discovered to manage properly.

Intrinsically,When your visitors engage,then you have organic traffic,other wise if they bounce back then it means it's inorganic traffic.

It's good that you people are now supposed to know about engaging power,which means you are heading towards the promotion steps.

The sooner you follow the upcoming instructions,the better it is.

1-Aggregate about particular topic:
Particular topic has authority.Dominance on particular topic is prestige.If a niche is about the same affair,it's great.People like to read more like the same topic.

It's a biggest blunder to make random site,which will distract you in upcoming years.
The earlier you hold one niche,the better it is.

If you are looking this article,obviously you would like to see more this in website and that's true.Think about yourself.What if you find tea making tricks in right sidebar?Probably you could bounce back.

If you start writing about "SEO Basics",then enhance your writings in SEO.There is no need to write about "Cooking" or  "Fishing" which have no relation.
Take a theme and get going with it.If someone says "no" then don't pay attention to the word "no".Theme has power as well as,you web will be get noticed by major search engines including Yahoo,Bing and Google.Avoid Generic,give more value to niche.

2-Prefer Mother Language:

Look for language in which you native.Never try picking newbie website which has no correct sense of tenses,grammar and vocabulary to engage people to read your content.
Readers are more likely to read new and unique words for better development and coverage of their self vocabulary and grammar.
Write in Chinese,if you are Chinese.Speak your mother language.Don't exploit your business by beginner language articles.

3-Craft something which compel readers to come back:

Suppose you have website of niche "Adword Coupon".You must set up a way of email and password to provide adword.It's painful duty to inform users that adwords can be updated any time on the website.The sooner will get the adword coupon.This will enhance attention in the user's mind.He/she will look forward to watch your website to make sure that adword are still not updated.
In this way these user's engage on your website.He/She will become permanent source of traffic and Google could improve your website integrity and morality.

4-Gadgets and Icons:
Avoid gadgets and icons.Gadgets and icons make your page fully heavy and loaded,ultimately your loading of page slower,which is not accepted by SEO basics.In a result,your website will remain on last page forever.
These also make your page harassing and ugly which oblige customers to depart.
It does not matter how quality content you have.It's just about the page impression.

Good looking page urge people to return and visit for updates.

As someone says:
"First Impression is the last impression".

Only use utmost necessary gadgets.


Facilitate your customers or readers with contact options via different methods and techniques:

1- Phone number (if business is large,try providing your employers)
2- Email
4-Social Networks
5-Home address (if you really do care about your readers and customers)

When all these 5 things combine,your reader become confident on you.Being in touch with your users indeed a great hobby.It's fun to teach and instruct audience.

6-Self-tested beneficial Experience:
Don't write what others are talking about.Just craft and tell what you have experienced throughout your experience.Readers are supposed to read the experience and faults done by the bloggers in the beginning.They are not bothered about knowing what others have done and what were their conclusions?This behaviour can rank you to ignorance level.

Suppose an idea flashed upon in your mind about "Things I wish I'd known on the first day of my blogging"then it's painful duty to tell your experience in the last past years.
This behaviour can gain engaging audience which is desirable.

7-Obviate gigantic Images:

Pictures are dexterous to represent your idea.Though over using and giant pictures make the whole theme look odd.You might have seen large 1080 p images which are too spacious and may not fit your screen.What you think about them?Obviously you think about leaving the page which have too many and horrible pictures.

Bloggers attach images with text for better representation and to establish higher value for them.But many get result in negative,told you the biggest blunder done by mostly authors.

8-Authentic Information:
Write up to date,general and authentic information,which are entirely different from the thousands of other websites buried in Internet Mega Crop.
Authentic information should be accurate,reliable and trusted.
Gain trust of readers.Craft something that locks the gate to skip the website.
You should supposed to write what others want from you,especially the permanent readers.You can know about permanent readers through the comments they post.

9-Magnetic Titles:

Titles are king.The more clever title is,the more audience it will get.Avoid choosing past centuries titles like "How To Start Blogging On Blogger".Try selecting stylish and magnetic skilled titles like "7 Strategies You Should Never Let Go Of,If you are a blogger?"

Titles are speak less,still they have power.You can scroll other buried sites to determine whether which titles are most likely to get more click.

Friday, 14 June 2013

7 Stratagies You Should Never Let Go Of,If You Are Blogger?

Blogging is more than fun nowadays,once you enter the sphere of blogging there is no way going out.It has magnetic power and reliable features which attract millions of people towards itself.Being a blogger means nothing,but being a passionate blogger is something.

Love blogging and let blogging love you.Both things should be combine to make your dreams come true.Starting a blog requires lot of working and fore sighting.Before getting start,lemme talk to you that if you are a newbie then try becoming adept,migration from newbie to adept takes lot of time and working.

So,hello every one there, I'm gonna talk about 7 strategies which you should never let go of.?
Abide my ideas and conclusions and try doing this for your own site.

1-Focusing On Surveys:
Yet,seeking,reading and drawing conclusions from others experience is great thing to learn and fun to practise.Reading other content and stuff increases your sense of differentiating what is good for you and your future upcoming website?
In fact,making website is nothing,but managing website is something.

Blog sphere is ever-growing,that means content on sites are never-ending.Without seeking and getting ideas,you will fall a prey to fatal diseases like insomnia.You must have been thinking about blogger and revenue

As someone says:

"Those who can't follow can never lead others".

With that said,following other is great,make one of blog your inspiration and getting going with it.

Well,you might think about yourself,the comfort writing of mine comes from where?It's not magic or spell that creates articles for you?
It's just the fruit of hardworking and self-improving strategies which I never let go of since I started this profession.

To me it's master piece in Internet mega crop because it's supporting and managing living for millions of communities all around the world.


Always try to share your own writings and experience instead of writing the same which are already buried in search engines, and allowing Goolge to mark your web as a spam and roflcopter.

Sharing experience support readers by providing facilities and authentic information.Crowd like to hear what other have done in the past?What are the conclusions as output from their working?

2-Be Instructor:

Try becoming a instructor instead of newbie.Try to cooperate with your readers ,then to ask for helping to your crowd.Instruction leads your site to height,it is the first step for the promotion.Make your every single line clean,short,descriptive and authentic.Being instruction enhances the confidence of your crowd at you,thus they become permanent source of revenue and advertisement to you.

Create self-abilities,trust yourself and provide info to readers what you are thinking about.Never distract yourself by lowering confidence of your own.
Make your confidence twice to achieve the goals you always aimed of.

As Jimmy Kimmel says those great and memorable words:

"I'm creative consultant,whatever that means"

For the year after,I worked as a instructor (consultant) rather than simple adviser,because professional told me that it was the proper way for me to comply with ethics regulations and continue to be a consultant that really means something to me.

Are You A Failed Consultant?Afraid Of Showing Your Identity?

Are you a failed instructor?that really does not mean something harassing.Beginning has it's second name,guess what? it's "failure".Learn from your mistakes,see what adept tells you?Lo and Behold and see what wrong steps you have already taken in the past?Try making a chart or spreadsheet to see the differences and blunders.

If you are looking for perfection in your world?then you will never be satisfied.Because perfection has no limits yet.Knowledge is ever-growing as the world is never-ending.Though there is only one thing you can do ?what is that? it's only "trust" on yourself.Never think that you are on the last.Be positive,think positive and act positive.

Why People are supposed to hide their identity?

The only main reason behind this is fatal diseases known as "dissatisfaction".People think that their friends,family members will know about them.It will bring disgrace due to lack of less speaking skills,pure writing.Which is idiotic thinking and faggot move.

To me it's a goal which they are chasing and they are the best among all.

As Salvador Dali have some memorable words:

"Have no fear of perfection,you'll never reach it"

3-Self-Esteem and Confidence:

Self-esteem and confidence are related term.That's why I mixed them up.Self-esteem is the confidence in your own.If you have no confidence in yourself,that means you have low self-esteem which is bad even worst.

Afraid Of People?
New to this profession?What are you afraid of?Lemme talk about this.!

Mostly authors don't share their articles on their facebook homepage,thinking that friends will know about their poor and third class articles.Is it what you are thinking about?

You are wrong,Take one step further,Got entangled in an expected fear?Fight with the fear by showing your confidence.Every one have confidence while some of them show while the others are afraid.

Accept who you are and revel in it.When someone tells me "no" it never means something that I can't do,simply I think there is work that need to be done without them.

As Tyra said:
"Never Dull Yourself For Somebody Else".

4-Crafting Article Skills And Management:

Okay,Crafting the post is easier,though managing and providing skilled look to it is quite distracting,.If you are reading this,that means you are a co-produce of some else you are author or publisher and stuff.Writing skills and managing power can never gained unless you see what professional did to their article.Suppose you are reading this,then it's your painful duty to make sure that every single word is implement to your site for better results.

My inspiration was problogger and 2createawebsite,still they are my inspiration.Cause They are getting million of visitors every month but I'm not quite enough to gain such mass traffic and engage them.!

The power of each headings provides the theme to the all content written right below.Changing the style of your writings,I mean giving some italic and bold look to some words.

Fighting the uphill battle in search engines require some quality and good looking templates and stuff.Though once it was considered very important.But there importance is not remained as such.
Still Stuck In Some Trouble?
Never know the right sequence of writing content?

Learn from the seniors.Scroll down and see how I started my each post,what makes them creative?How they differ from other?

Reading is great hobby,it makes you a professional author from newbie and low.Try writing for others to understand the policy and criteria of crafting articles.Try writing for Ezine Articles,if you get your approval and your article go live,that means you have manners for writing and managing your post.

Ezine look,detect and in return tells the drawbacks in the article,which can establishes quality in your writing by re-editing and re-publishing it again.Though one can drive mass organic crowd  "un-paid" "with no cost".

See this article,it has 100 expert author words that should be placed in every article on a suitable place.You will find every word difficult.Learning and using these words in article can instantly boost up your search engine visibility.

5-Proper highly-targeted vocabulary and Uniqueness:

Never loose the proper way of describing,Use few unique words in every article to maintain the importance and uniqueness of your content as well your web.Being very simple while instructing but not when writing.Learn from other seniors about this.I never asked you to join academies,I'm talking about seniors online which are managing and engaging mass readers.Still they will not personally help you,rather you can learn what unique words and valuable highly-targeted vocabulary they use to attract search engines and social sites.


Use extreme and utmost instead of this common word "very".Try using authentic and rare instead of "up to date".

Other important and entirely different words have been mentioned in the heading 4.
So with that said,common words make your article related to other which are already buried in billions of number.Your web should be based on reliability and uniqueness with entirely different theme and ideology.

Are You Worried about your grammar and vocabulary?

We also have a solution for the above issue.You will encounter many issues and errors while becoming expert or adept."Never Say Never" and try fighting the uphill battle for you.

Suppose you encounter the same words many time like "providing" .You want to use other words like that but don't have enough vocabulary,In that case Google is King.Try searching on Google "What other words for providing",just after you type query,top 10 relevant sites will be displayed.Try picking any of one and get ideas similar to providing like "supporting".The more you work,the better it is.

You can also join online communities and social sites which are only based on improving English Language.The most popular one is Livemocha 

                      You Know What?

who ever you are,what ever you want.Lemme ask you some question?
1-Did you implement all the basics Of SEO
2-Did you Make Quality Content?
3-Did You Differ From All Other Stuff ?
4-Did You Craft Self-tested experienced skills?
5-Did You Done All Other Stuff which seniors Told You?

Yes,still not getting visitors which you always aimed of.You know what?Link exchanging actually migrates your article from step one two step.Search engines are smart,they never put you on front page,unless you get 1500 views on article you wrote.With that said,what ever you have done with your article,there is still something needed to be done which is bringing 1500 visitors from any source,that can simply boost up your visibility and you will get ever-growing audience.

After achieving the above requirements,you will find the difference?I hope you will pay heed on this major instruction which nobody will inform you about.

6-Reputative Link Exchanging Websites:

The more you get links,the profitable it is.The earlier you do,the better it is.Link exchanging from reputative websites are easier nowadays.Let's lo and behold on the following quality websites:

1-Linkedin:  Though still an major centre of driving and generating traffic from other.s just a one click far away.All it's demand is user name and password.
2-Pinterest: Are you photographer?If yes,that's an amazing opportunity to get organic visitors.Pinterest is an image-sharing community.It is based on simplicity.Though if you are not photographer try making your own pictures using picturing editing software like Photoshot and others.
3-Twitter: Twitter is social community which allows user to interact and communicate with each other free of cost.Make a twitter fan page and promote it.Don't wanna promote?If you don't interested in promoting,then all you need is $.You can simply buy followers for your page.It will not go in waster.
4-Youtube: Amazing featured online video-sharing centre for world-wide entertainment.Make,edit and upload videos to youtube.Simply drive traffic from the videos by putting your back link in the description of every video.Youtube has another quality,you can also earn revenue from the videos you upload by placing adsense ads on them.
5-Facebook: Stay where your niche persons already gather.With that said,create a fan page related to the niche of your web and double your traffic rank easily.

Apart from This,popular article sharing websites are also given below:

1-Ezine : Still have greatest position of providing orginial audience to articles.They look for your website in the resource box.Generating Traffic means nothing,nut generating organic and right traffic is something.
2-Article Dashboard: The more you submit your articles,the better it is,the more you get views,the more reliable is your web.It's an lost option to make your site reputative like others.
3-Go Article: They are not interested in the criteria of your web,rather they just want long post.Still an major source of gaining traffic.
4-Amazines:Indian based online article sharing web.Be in touch with Amazine,live free and rule well on your web.

Probably you should be writing guest post for the following websites:

1-Problogger: Darren Rowse is co-producer.Indeed passionate and inspiring blog to follow.Writing guest post for problogger should be best.
2-Copyblogger:Another reputative site to write for.Your writing will not go in waste,it will take huge amount of traffic.
3-Pc-computerz:Another online computer article sharing website providing authentic and reliable information to the readers.
4-2createawebsite: Another website which was inspired from Problogger.You can write guest post for this.

7-Offering Guest Post To Your Readers:

Writing guest post for others are better,but getting guest post by your readers is best.Be in touch with your permanent members and those who participate in comments on each blog post you craft.Guest post is difficult to be gained,it is usually get when the writer of guest post has blind trust on you.
Because not one can guarantee to publish the guest post right on your website, and so if not giving the resource from which article was taken.Those who established trust are more likely to get thousands of guest post like the above experts.

These are free of cost and not hand written,you earn fruit from the writings of other authors.

Don't Know How To Compel Your Audience To Write Guest Post?

It has been great interest in the Internet mega crop to compel people to write for you.Though you can invite people to write for you by going to blog settings.Putting mass email and wait for the people to accept it.
Write for others and in return get guest post.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

5 Reputative Website To Drive Organic Traffic From?

Driving traffic from 10 non-reputative site affects nothing,but bringing organic traffic from 1 reputative site is enough for your your website criteria and reputation world-wide.
Traffic means nothing,but organic traffic means something.Readers who instantly bounce back from website by reading the first line of content is not 0rganic traffic,it's just called a simple traffic with no engaging power.

Getting abilities to engage people to website need skills and self-experience.Bringing traffic from other websites are supposed to be "link exchanging" which is the basic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is necessary from every website starting from newbie to adept,professional to expert.

Following reputative sites are being considered the major source of organic readers and engaging power.
The faster you drive traffic from them,the better it is.
Stop trying thinking and lo and behold for the upcoming major websites:

1-Ezine Articles:

Yet ezine is smart,but it still needs your attention.It's not that simple to drive traffic.There's nothing something like submitting your web link and generating mass traffic.If you are thinking this,then you are wrong. Positive thinking is good,but when it is necessary,otherwise you are wasting time by aiming dreams which can never come true.

Ezine has yet some rules and regulation,acting upon them can take you to the next step of promotion and you will get going.

Writing ezine articles are simpler,though you need to be clever.They are not like blogger or wordpress.They only approve the content which are highly-targeted,rare,valuable and engaging.They display your article position as five boxes just after you submission.Getting approval from ezine will be difficult as your first try,but it will be better after some weeks when you know the criteria of writing content and topics.

Benefits From Ezines:

1-Ever-growing engaging traffic to your website.
2-Website visibility increased in major search engines including Google
3-Website will be certified for Adsense.
4-More Higher rank in Alexa Traffic rank.
5-More better business investment.
6-More and more world will find and know about you.

The earlier you write for ezine,the better it will be for your site.You are not sure about what to write about.Go and try picking from suggestion title they provided for their registered users.

2-Go Articles:

Yet,it is also smart,but not enough to puzzle users.With that said,they are not quite clever to see the whole content and criteria of your article.They have some policies,acting upon them can get you an approved article which will be live after some hours.It's similar to ezine but different in policies.Go articles have millions of articles,though they pay less attention to bring traffic to each article published by each author.Though,it's a reputative site,but not as much as Ezine Articles.

First you should get going with Go articles to gain some experience which will help you in maintaing and managing content while publishing on Ezine Articles.

Go Articles receives fewer views,popular get millions of views.It's difficult to even cross 100 views in a year if your title and content is poor.


Another simpler website like Go Articles.Simplicity has been dedicated to every page published from Amazines.It is popular because of it's smoothness and quality content.Though another major source to traffic organic traffic to increase self website reputation.Being in touch with this site can bring never-ending permanent persons,which will be fixed in your website like two magnets are attracted to each other.

Amazines,Go Articles and Ezine are Indian based website,all of them have 100 of employers which seek and respond to registered users query and articles.

Never try to think your website fighting the uphill battle without these link exchanging website,which is the basic and right beginning of your career.

It doesn't matter how old your web is,it depends on how much number of links your website gets.If it's 0,that means you have 0 reputation  and you will never be get noticed by Google or anyother major search engine.

4-Search Wrap:

Were you looking for easy submission?if yes,then you are at the right place.All it needs is username and password and you are in for publishing your quality content.Content can be gained from any book,from any person or from any source,but quality content is difficult to be gained through books and stuff.Content and quality is only combined when you try to write in your own wording and experience,Yet native language and experience is required for Quality Content.

Whereever you go,whatever you want,everything want is "Quality Content".Quality content is king of all things on Internet.Without quality,the content is only content,not the quality content which everyone is talking and looking for.


Ghostbloggers is an online community paying great attention on every article published on their directory for sale.It provides quality to buyer and payment to seller.No other site is more comfort and reliable then Ghostbloggers.You can easily sign up.Writing what you got and by putting a back link to your website so every one can see your website before and after purchasing or even during analyzing.

Ghostbloggers is a reputative site providing living to millions of people by displaying their best stuff on front page.The sooner you go to ghostblogger,the better it is for everyone.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Some Unknown Failure Points About Blogger?

Creating a blog demands a lot of important steps that should be done in order to meet mass number of permanent members and reliable users,As I told before that bringing traffic is nothing,but bringing right traffic is something.Unknown Important steps that you have never been told are unfair for your blog as well as guidelines.Google seeks who is implementing the basics of blogger and working for it.

Sitting far away from your blog does not going to help your fighting the uphill battles in search engines.
It requires lot of fore sighting and  planning to reach the aims which you have always aimed of.

Following Points should help you in improving your Blog criteria world wide.All these steps and instructions have been gained by searching and self-practised conclusions.

Common Problems

Neglecting the below advices will keep your blog on last page until you pay heed to the following instructions:

1-Many Repeating Words:

While Creating article,one should make sure that words are not being repeated again and again.Doing this can keep you behind the heights and search engines results.
                                         Maximum repeating words should be 15.Exceeding this causes defame and less visibility of your Blog.
Repeating words is also categorised in two types:

1-Common Words:

Common words can be repeated many times.They can exceed the limits because article is incomplete without words like is,am,they,I,me,You,Blog

Google allow them to be used continuously until the article is completed.There is no search engine which seeks these repeating words.

2-Unique Words:

Words other then common words are categorised as unique words.Unique words include search engines,visibility,Failure and many kinds like these are called unique words which should be use in limits.For those who didn't go for searching are most likely to face this failure.

Best Practise:

Common Repeating Words

1-Before allowing article to go live,do a page word search and type those words which you think that are being used again and again.Change these words to some other words which have the same meaning that the previous word posses.

For example,picture has exceeding word which means that search engine can also be changed into web searcher for attaining the equilibrium.

2-Using Copyrighted Image:

Using Image is best,if they are not copyrighted.Copyrighted image gives a bad theme of your blog to Internet Industry.One can not use copyrighted image until it gets written permission by the owner of image.It's a very long procedure to inform Google that it is used after permission which is devastating.

When you do a search on Google image and reach the image.Google notify that this image may be subjected to copyright,that means Google have already detected copyrighted material in your blog.

Best Practise:

Try making your pictures,that can help you to increase your self abilities and image creativity.

Best Image editing and creating software's include Snagit 11 and Adobe Photoshop 7.

3-Taking Headings From Other Websites:

Most Idiotic move is taking lines from other blogs and try writing them in your own wordings.Google has vast list of each topic.They also know that these lines and headings have already been published.They detect that someone is trying to write them in their own words.

Suppose you created a website about Blogging Tips and Tricks and you thought about making post about "how to drive traffic to your blog"?and you do a google search to know what other have published about this,now you come across a site in which you see.
Copyrighted stuff

Now the most idiotic move is to read these steps and write them again in your blog,this is not copyrighted,still it's not creative,that means there is something already published.Though keep in mind that while writing give your own suggestions and predictions.

Best Practise:

Do searches on what others are posting about your topic.Try reading them to increase your knowledge.Reading is good,but writing them again in blog is bad.
So before writing a post try thinking that you are unique,creative and general which is basic of blogging.

4-Exceeding Post Title Characters?

The worst thing about blog is exceeding your post title characters.60 characters are in limits.Crossing this can give you negative results.Being creative,descriptive and short in title post is great thing.

There are two demerits of long title post which are as follows:

1-Losing Engines Reputations,See how?

We will categorise them as two types,see

1-Unfamiliar with post theme:

Long post makes distractions with the image theme and creativity,whenever a person do a google search he see 10 leading websites and the reader decides which is more relevant by reading the post titles,what if reader is not able to see your whole post title?
Important Steps

You see that first link is too long,though it is crossing the limits and showing in ... That means that it has degrade the reputation of entire blog .

2-Search Engine Failure:
Search Engine keeps these kinds of post behind the front page to main the criteria of their engines world-wide.
                           It does not matter how your post differs from others?

2-Less Query Matched?

When someone type on google search,Google spider bot insteadily gives most relevant links to the searcher query for better results and engagement.The more keywords are matched,the more website is likely to appear on front page.

Think?If your post is long,then you will absolutely get less keyword matched,As a result no audience in blog.

Best Practise:

Try making short,descriptive,attractive and engaging titles to draw mass readers.Bringing people to blog is nothing,but bringing organic and quality people is something.

5-Neglecting Your Niche:

It's not good for your blog,if you forget your niche,the topic on which you always write for,the purpose which you have always aimed of?
Same Niche engages people to spent lots of time on blog rather then they bounce back instantly after coming to blog.

Suppose if you are reading this blog that means you are at the right place.You will like to read more writings of mine to get more and more qualified knowledge.
What if you find tea making tricks and magic shows on the right side of my blog?

You will surely bounce back by skipping my blog and that's right.

Best Practise:

Take a deap breath and start thinking about the following things:

1-Which topic is more engaging? 
But remember don't write anything about something which you don't know,it's foolish thing.

2-Which topic is more attractive?

3-In which niche Am I more qualified?

4-Which is best for me?

Now,try creating your further post on the above basics for better improvement of your website.

I'm informing again. Never Forget Your Niche..!

If you forget your topic,then everyone will forget you.

6-Exceeding Number of Self Links:

Linking to your web is good,but too much thing is bad.You can link to your own website 1000  of times in one post,but that's only better when you link to relevant post for that word other than some other post which have nothing related to previous post.

If you do this,then this is a cyber crime.In punishment Search Engine neglects your website on every promotion stage.For Those who have linked relevant links to famous websites have better reputation world-wide.Never think that you are not being noticed.You are always being noticed on every step.
Though you are not wiki,so it's your painful duty to link to other website to maintain the criteria.
When some other will notice that audience is being coming from other blog,then in reward he will also put your web link in his blog roll.
On the other hand,Link exchanging is the basic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO),The more you get links,the better it is.

Best Practice:

Try creating a blog roll which drives 1/4 traffic to others web forming link exchanging which is the basic of SEO.Doing this will keep your blog on higher level and position.Search Engine will remember you on every stage of promotion.

7-Slow Loading Pages:

Slow loading pages have a bad effect on your web visibility.Heavy pages are usually get lower  engines reputation because of their time consuming loading.It's utmost duty to make sure the timing in which your page loads.It doesn't matter it's your own web or some other linked pages.

How This Happen?

When a page exceeds 1 Mb in size,it automatically faces crises due to large number of content on a single pages.Content includes words,pictures,files and gadgets on your page.
Keep your page fast and reliable by searching the ways of reducing size of page on Google or Yahoo.

Best Practise:

Do Analytics of your web on Google Analytics,see the differences,speed loading time,average time spent by each reader and stuff to determine future planning.

Page Loading Times

Draw conclusions from it and think about the future to avoid previous mistakes for better establishment of your web.

8-Updating Blog With Books Content:

Updating Blog is necessary to engage readers.Updating blog makes permanent source of traffic.But it is not good to write articles from books which have published.You have a book that means that book has been published and millions of people around the world will have the same book with same words.What if some other already have published article from the book which you were about to write.Google stamp the blog as a spam and illegal content which continuously bring disgrace to your web and you.Revenue and traffic will be automatically stopped.You will not find a lost option.

It's good to write from a book which has never been on Internet by having the written permission from the author of book and staff.Doing this will bring trust and confidence on you By Google.

Best Practise:

Try reading others blog about your blog niche to get increase in your knowledge and self skills.Try creating your own distinctive blog post that are unique,rare and valuable to engage mass readers at the same time.

9-Using Existing Titles On Search Engines:

Do a Google search while creating an article to make sure that there's no article on Internet with same title which you are about to type.Doing this will keep you different from others web buried in search engines.It will bring organic and time spending people to your web.

It's painful duty to make your post title descriptive,short and informative that attracts the attention of people surfing on Internet.

Best Practise:

Do A Google Analytics and see the number of visitors coming back again to your blog.If the number of visitors are in large number then that obviously means that you have quality content with engaging stuff on web.

Pay heed to picture below:
Important Step

Returning visitors are those visitors which come back to your web again in order to see new updates and creativity.

10-Typing The Same Tips and Tricks:

Display something different to compel people to read all the content written.Never try posting the same tricks which have already been buried on Internet and are very common.Readers will instantly bounce back,if they find some common and odd tricks and tips.Because they already knew about it.

Always post your own conclusions and thinking to make people read content.

Best Practise:

Join communities and take suggestions from other people about the their imagination and planning for upcoming years.Ask your readers,what to write about for them?It will give confidence to your readers,ultimately they will become permanent way of organic traffic.

11-Writing Like A Newbie Style:

Be a consultant rather then a newbie and low.Give organic and authentic information and tips to readers.Write like a adept blogger.Be frank and funny in comments.Reply on every comment to provide real time facility to readers,so they may come back again to see your blog changing and updates.

Best Practise:

Surf other sites on net and see the way they types,the way they arranged,the way they managed,the way they bold their headings,the way they leave extra whitespace,the way they use images and stuff to understand the demographics.

12-Odd Blog Templates:

Good looking template leave a long-term soothing effect of your site on the readers mind.It makes the reader so comfort and they like to spend more time on site.Odd looking templates are more likely to get blog destruction overall on blog sphere.

Best Practise:

There are billions of blogs and website buried in Internet Sphere.It's difficult to bloggers to fight the uphill battle in search engines.That's only possible if your blog varies from other stuff on the Internet History.